Put Growth on the Fast Track

I firmly believe that when one of us shatters the ceiling, we need to share how we did it. That's why I turned to supporting business owners after I sold my company for millions of dollars. One of the services I offer to private clients is a 1-on-1 VIP Day. Through...

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Living Intentionally

What Does That Mean: Living Intentionally? Many of us have watched the changes in our country’s leadership with grave concern, and these concerns have unleashed a flood of emotions. From sheer disbelief to outspoken resistance, we’ve each been reacting in our own way....

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Let’s Help Each Other

Let’s Be Clear About A Few Things Clarity leads to breakthrough. Do your goals need a little bit more clarity? What’s most important to you? Please answer these three questions: What are the three main things you want to accomplish this year? How are you going to do...

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Let’s Help Each Other Soar

It’s been a difficult year for many of us. Like me, you may be still feeling the crushing loss of the Presidential election. Not to worry, I won’t make this political. I only wish to share a few thoughts with you about success. The Women’s Code focuses on fostering...

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How To Save The World

My most favorite thing about you is your creativity. Because creativity makes everything better. The world needs a lot of creative solutions now. People are crazy angry, sore winners, disappointed losers, our President-to-be is hostile, and there are angry old white...

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