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Beate’s messages contains an unique guide to women leadership, along with incredible insights to her personal and career success. Offering a new code of conduct for today’s business, private and digital world.

Today Beate spends her time helping people and companies to improve gender equality, and and sharing leadership and success secrets with her foolproof fix: “From Overwhelmed to Awesome.”

And because we get this asked a lot… Yes, The Women’s Code expressly includes men in the conversation. Women leadership, gender equality, and better organizational balance between men and women is an all-inclusive subject.

We need and support our men who often tell us The Women’s Code is like having the playbook from the other team.

While Beate personalizes each presentation to meet the needs of female or co-ed audiences, one thing never changes—Beate herself: forthright, determined, caring, and inspirational.

“My desire is to advise and mentor women on how to play
with and compete with, but more importantly, how to succeed
alongside the big boys.”

Beate Chelette

We are pleased with the participation and feedback from the WIPL Women’s Leadership Conference. We will most certainly keep you in mind as we look to future events…I love and regret that it was standing-room only in your session.

Marjorie Thompson
Coastal Carolina University

I cannot thank you enough for participating in our event over the weekend. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback about your presentation from the women—they really connected. You touched a lot of people with your story and that’s what it’s all about. Many women mentioned you were their favorite speaker and they appreciated your sincere approach.

Leslee Alexander
Founder & CEO

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Speaking Topics

Topic 1:

The Women’s Code: A New Leadership Balance

Topic 2:

Why Acting Like a Girl Is Good For Business: A Unique Women’s Leadership Program

Topic 3:

How to have a B*tch and Bully Free Office
Topic 1: The Women’s Code: A New Leadership Balance (Beate’s signature talk)
A roadmap for corporate success: greater innovation through diverse teams leads to bigger profits, more recognition and a better workplace.

Categories: Women’s Issues – Gender Equality – Career Balance – Leadership Balance

In this strategy-packed presentation you’ll get the best of Beate’s battle tested insights on how to get from overwhelmed to awesome.

The new code shows:

  • How to collaborate better, and eliminate negative competition.
  • How to overcome the Superhuman Paradox (enabling you to reach your potential and find true happiness).
  • How to discover your ego-RHYTHM — the ground-breaking concept that transforms how you manage the demands a busy life with less stress and more success.
  • How you can have it all without neglecting family and friends.

Your takeaway today includes mastering the essential 3 female-centric leadership attributes and how best you can use them in synergy with male-centric attributes.

Men won’t be left out, in this information-packed presentation. You’ll discover innovative ways to relate to women better in the workplace, synergistic strategies and how to foster more productive teams.

Finally! We’re past the question of whether more diverse leadership teams matter. Now, we’re ready to help you achieve this ideal on your way to more profits, success and balance in your leadership role.

Yes! I want to take the next step and book Beate for our next event!

Topic 2: Why Acting Like a Girl Is Good For Business: A Unique Women’s Leadership Program
7 Profit Secrets of Gender-Diverse Corporations and how your company can benefit from the demographic shift in the workforce ahead of your competition.

Categories: Women’s Issues – Gender Equality – Career Balance – Leadership Balance – Bullying

The number of women obtaining higher education degrees are reaching record-breaking numbers each year, yet there’s a growing gap between women leaders and the number of women in executive and board positions across America.

Companies who fail to capitalize on the growing female talent pools in their ranks are wasting precious intellectual resources, missing out on significant revenue and ultimately falling prey to competitors who embrace gender-diverse programs.

Learn the seven ways your corporation can benefit from the development of women-specific leadership and peer-to-peer mentoring programs, and how men and women can both equally benefit.

Even companies who embrace corporate training may actually be hampering growth. Traditional leadership development has too often focused on the innate and stubborn stereotypical single type of leader: alpha male/alpha female. Studies show this one-dimensional approach to be limiting.

We are not anti-man. Rather, this is a collaborative, forward-thinking movement that is strongly supported in education, media, our communities, and beyond (and by men!)

Your audience will take away:

  • Enhanced awareness on gender issues
  • A road-map for how to implement gender equality through real, doable solutions
  • The step-by-step formula that will take your company to the gold standard for gender-diversity
  • A plan for establishing women-centric leadership and peer-to-peer mentoring programs for all employment levels

What the audience is saying:

Carol shares her personal take aways:

Yes! I want to take the next step and book Beate for our next event!

Topic 3: The B*tch and Bully Free Office
Video Clip: How to Have a B*tch and Bully Free Office

Categories: Women’s Issues – Gender Equality – Career Balance – Diversity – Bullying

One bad employee can cripple an entire team and unaddressed issues are costly to ignore. Further, failure to address toxic work-environments can also make your best people leave for the competition, leaving you with even bigger problems and more financial losses.

Increased personal, group and environmental well being leads to better productivity, execution and profit for the workforce and company overall. Team members are inspired do a better job, are more focused, get along better, know they have a safe course of action should the need arise.

Preventative and proactive actions showcase a desirable corporate image that in return increases stock value, consumer outlook and long-term value while saving money on recruiting costs through increased employee retention.

Beate raises awareness and shows your team how to move beyond and out of a toxic work environment. Your team will accept greater personal responsibilities for their actions and become better leaders and team members.

Yes! I want to take the next step and book Beate for our next event!

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