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Business Development

With over 100,000 small businesses having already permanently closed and up to 40% expected to go out of business there is no more time to wait until things get back to normal. Beate helps Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners to design their Inevitable Recovery by identifying what the opportunity is TODAY. This clarity is need to pivot the business so that it once again can focus on attracting new clients with a relevant offer and achieving goals in a systematic way. Beate Chelette created The 5-Star Success Blueprint that reveals the exact steps business owners need to follow when they want to grow, build, and scale their businesses. It is proven to work. This is the very same system that 8 x disaster recovery specialist Beate used that resulted in selling her business after the last one to Bill Gates for multi-millions in 2006.

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The Growth Architect Has Been Seen On

“Every disaster has three stages – survival, opportunity and recovery and you need to focus on finding the opportunities NOW.”

Beate Chelette

“Thank you VERY much, I KNEW it would be good, and all who attended benefited a GREAT DEAL from what you taught.  I’m sure they’ll be able to move forward with more confidence, now that they have a better understanding of what TRUE target marketing is. Thank you again for your workshop and for all that you do.”

Brad Pollak

Interim Director, SBDC, Long Beach Small Business Development Center


The Growth Architect

The Growth Architect offers a proprietary 5-step system that reveals the exact steps business owners need to follow when they want to grow, build, and scale their businesses. With hands-on training and up-to-date resources, Beate guides business owners through designing personalized, clearly-defined strategic plans that participants can confidently apply on their own. Beate specializes in supporting women’s businesses, but Growth Architecture is equally valuable for men.  It is for those who built a solid foundation and want to keep growing it exponentially or are stuck in the tenuous zone of being adequately successful but not yet at their full potential. It’s for founders who want to scale and profitably set up a company for acquisition, cash out, or become a formidable authority in their industry.

Participants start where they are. Beate designed The 5-Star Success Blueprint of Growth Architecture to enable entrepreneurs to identify their current situation and map a path to their end goals. It works because each plan is based on the business owner’s unique desires and competencies.

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“Beate Chelette is known for her tremendous passion for sharing her knowledge and miraculous coaching skills that enable you to see and create your own brighter futureShe is not only the most caring, warm-hearted and clever woman, this successful entrepreneur sees the essence of you and your talents before you even know it. She has helped elevate and transform my business with great excitement, envisioning global beauty and apparel brands as my own clientele and helped map out and manifest how to master a successful photography career on a global stageI whole-heartedly recommend Beate to any small business owner who wants to break free of any barriers, and succeed in business beyond their dreams.”

Dorit Thies

Beauty and Wellness Photographer,

Read Beate’s Book “Happy Woman Happy World”

In Beate’s award winning and acclaimed book, Happy Woman Happy World, she concurs that women can have it all, just not at the same time. Instead, she offers the original time-based ego-RHYTHM® concept, which allows women to delve into defining what is most important during their various stages of life. She then teaches you how to set a Main Focus, re-structure your life for a better Work-Life Balance, and put an end to the “crazy-making” lifestyle. The principles of The Women’s Code, her proprietary strategy that helps women cope, collaborate and lead are explained. Available as audio book, eBook, and printed book. For more information about the book, please go here:

The Women’s Code

You can’t run a business unless you are a good leader. And to be a good leader you need to know how to run a business. The Women’s Code focuses on Leadership and Business Development. Recent events made it clear that leading through a disaster means understanding the male and female side of leadership. The goal today has to be to unify a fragmented workforce and to keep your people safe. To check out our Insights Paper, The Future of Leadership – A Return To Humanity please click the link below. 

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Growing, building, and scaling your business starts with finding really good clients.

You want to grow your business and for that you need clients and more clients. And even more clients. But, everything has shifted and you want to ask yourself if you are targeting the right client or if something has changed and you need to make changes in your Airtight Avatar. If you haven’t nailed your customer profile please sign up for our complimentary training. Find out who your best clients are today that will grow your business the fastest.

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