In this episode of the Business Growth Architect Show we are talking to Richard Howard. He is sharing insider strategies for securing government contracts, with a focus on how to engage early in the procurement process so that you can increase your success rate. Rick, emphasizes the importance of companies becoming involved before a solicitation, or a request for proposals (RFP) is issued. He explains how  businesses can help write the solicitation and how to get awarded set aside contracts for specific business types like woman-owned or veteran-owned businesses. Richard gives insider tips on how you can showcase your capabilities, which will increase the chances of getting contracts that are set aside for your particular type of business—potentially eliminating much of the competition.


This episode clarifies the procurement process and underscores the criticality of building relationships and conducting research early on. The government’s requirement for transparency in procurement is highlighted, and the need for subject matter expertise in the market research phase is critical to obtain often multi-million dollar contracts. Richard emphasizes how to engage during this phase to ensure your unique offerings are taken into consideration.


Additionally, Rick details the initial steps of the process, including demystifying how to register your  business on and conducting independent market research to understand opportunities during the market research phase. Keywords such as “sources sought,” “request for information,” and “pre solicitation” are critical indicators of this phase. 


Overall this episode is a how-to guide to increase your chances of getting lucrative government contracts. 




What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Matt emphasizes the importance of not taking rejection personally in sales, viewing it as a mere business decision by the prospect, not a personal affront.


  • Richard highlights the necessity of consistently identifying and influencing Government opportunities early in the solicitation.


  • He acknowledges the potential of showcasing your unique technologies or methods leading to situations where there is no competition for certain contracts.


  • He points out that government solicitations cannot possibly include all information and that direct market engagement can provide critical insights to winning..


  • Richard emphasizes the need for businesses to conduct market research on their own to uncover opportunities.


Time Stamps:

09:28 – Influencing solicitations aids in sidelining competition.
12:56 – Insider tips to help tailor solicitations in your favor.
15:36 – Market research is critical for government contract success.
19:05 – Researching and responding to sources sought is required for solication success.
20:18 – Details matter in government contract proposals.
21:57 – Unique offerings can lead to sole-source awards.
23:06 – Engaging early yields competitive advantage and critical info.
25:30 – Expect a 12-18 month timeframe to win the first government contract.
28:37 – Share information and proprietary methods  and ask business questions.


Resources Mentioned:

Richard Howard: Website | LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook


Ideas Worth Sharing:

Government contracts aren't just about the Department of Defense. The U.S. government is the world's largest buyer and seeks diverse goods and services globally. Your business could be what they're looking for. - Richard Howard Click To Tweet In government contracting, companies keen on success dive into, submitting proposals with optimism. Repeated rejections and the perception of favoritism lead to frustration, causing some to bow out, questioning the fairness… Click To Tweet




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