when companies commit themselves to diverse leadership, they are more successful.
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Would you like to experience an exponential growth period in your company? According to McKinsey research, a new leadership balance could give you the edge you’re looking for.

If you’re like most executives, you regularly evaluate your performance. Of course, measurement varies for each individual. Whether you’re the small business owner or an executive at a large firm, your pursuit of excellence involves the same tight group of principles again and again, with one concept leading the pack–no one succeeds alone. In the next three minutes, we’ll share with you the formula that can unlock your dynamic growth phase.

It all starts with foundation, your first (of five) KEYS for building a new leadership balance.

Developing that baseline means you can track progress on key metrics as you go through the five steps that take your team to the new levels my training provides.

“My desire is to advise and mentor women on how to play
with and compete with, but more importantly, how to succeed
alongside the big boys.”

Beate Chelette


Times are changing, and Millennials want incentives, and to know they are a valued part of the organization. Just yesterday I spoke to a 24-year-old woman working for a Fortune 100 company whose job is to save them money. She found $500,000 in savings since she started, just four months ago, yet her manager frustrated her progress with the news that “there is no promotion, no incentive, no savings share.” Now she wants to quit. Hardly an isolated story…

Traditional male leadership principles don’t work anymore.

The Women’s Code was created to provide organizations like yours with the training, tools, expertise to quickly make the shift from a primarily male leadership culture, to a more balanced work environment that fosters and encourages and enhances gender alignment, for greater performance.

Your organization’s success can be fostered in a number of ways: through company teamwork, building better communication skills, strengthening leadership qualities, utilizing a dynamic peer network, with attitude adjustment exercises, and of course by achieving that work/life balance that best suits each individual without jeopardizing productivity and output.

As you know, employment decisions are crucial to your success. Further, it’s vital you provide the best resources to support your employees in their quest for mastery. While profits are important (and The Women’s Code has a keen eye on them), study after study proves that companies who are better able to fulfill their employee’s fundamental needs of ownership and passion for their jobs find bigger and faster profits as a natural side effect.

Do all this, and you will quickly find yourself well ahead your competitors.

With her entrepreneurial spirit, strong business acumen, and compassion for humanity, Beate is an inspiration to us all. Spending one hour listening to Beate will teach you lifelong lessons that will prove to be useful time and time again.

Caitlin Angeloff
Head of Global Social Strategy and Operations at DocuSign


As the creator of The Women’s Code I specialize in the often overlooked area involves the number of women on your leadership team. The small number of women currently succeeding in companies today includes primarily those who have “learned to play the men’s game.”

The end result is that women, and women’s natural attributes, aren’t yet fully integrated into most companies. While most struggle to address gender diversity, those companies who choose to actively integrate women into leadership are jumping ahead with an average 15% increase in profits (according to McKinsey Research). It was during my own research on this topic that I wrote the groundbreaking Insights paper, “Why Acting Like a Girl is Good for Business.”

Based on innovative thinking and essential paradigm shifts for the 21st century, women and men, trained through Beate Chelette’s unique tools enjoy:
  • Reduced friction between leaders
  • Enhance productivity
  • Greater recognition
  • Improved ability for dealing with other women & men

Addressing and solving the often charged gender balance issue head-on means moving toward stronger profits, a more enjoyable work environment, better work relationships, not to mention lowered stress and a superior competitive edge in the marketplace.

Here are some of of the key discussion points that my speaking and training programs encourage within your teams:
  • Men and women: new communication methods for the workplace
  • Effective strategies for dealing with difficult employees
  • Improving the support dynamic on your teams
  • Balanced leadership mastery – understanding female and male centric leadership attributes and using it to your advantage
  • How a willingness to fail brings success
  • Know what you don’t know (and be ok with that!)
The Women’s Code new leadership balance will help your teams:
  • Build extraordinary game-plans (with purpose and vision)
  • Refine communication and strengthen self-confidence (most office issues begin with a lack of communication)
  • Achieve peak personal performance
  • How to effectively balance and connect your personal success (juggling mastery for family, career, relationships, and more)
  • Building a competitive spirit (that lets your whole team shine) that is not based on a men versus women who is better model, but a comprehensive multi layered one where each person shines based on their innate strengths
  • How to become (even more) highly self-motivated
  • Embrace diversity which studies show is a side effect of more women leaders…
    Studies have extensively shown that a significant gender imbalance exists across most corporate leadership structures. (Women, according to McKinsey and Company research, accounting for an average of just 16 percent of the members of executive teams in the United States.)
Companies without balanced leadership typically suffer from a combination of the following:
  • Toxic team relations
  • Lost time in conflict, gossip and stress-related issues
  • A culture that fosters inequality and outdated roles for men and women
  • Men vs. women, or woman vs. woman hostilities
  • An inability to retain women employees
  • Outdated practices that discriminate
  • Bullying and bad publicity which leads to
  • Lawsuits, legal bills and judgements

In the Women’s Code we fix this through German-engineered training modules we chose, based on the unique needs of your organization. To find out which of these are needed in your organization please fill out an Uncovery-Session request right here.

It’s your first step on the road to being more competitive and profitable.


Would you like to be a part of this leadership movement that’s revolutionizing the way the world’s leading corporations work?

If improved decision making, more creativity, innovation and better problem solving are appealing characteristics you’d like to see more of on your company’s leadership team, it’s time to take action now. You can achieve all this now, by booking Beate to speak at your next corporate event about mastering balanced leadership, by bringing her in to work directly with your team, to benefit from exclusive team or one-on-one executive mentoring and training.

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