In this episode of the Business Growth Architect Show, we are excited to host Brandon Barnum, the CEO of In our interview, Brandon shares insights on maximizing client referrals, establishing profitable partnerships, and becoming a community and charity champion.


You know how important referrals are and it is the best, low cost option to sign new business and expand your reach. But how? Join us in exploring Brandon’s distinctive approach to utilizing referrals, and transcending conventional sales tactics into beneficial connections. Our episode provides a deep dive into the steps to building these authentic connections, serving others, and fostering impactful partnerships that foster mutual growth and success.


Don’t miss out on this powerful conversation that will give you the steps and tools to grow your business without additional expenses doing something that is simple. Tune in and discover how to leverage referrals in a way that goes beyond the ordinary, fostering genuine connections and sustainable growth.




What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Brandon believes in and explains the concept of “beingness,” which is about a person’s vibration, energy, and spiritual connection.


  • Brandon discusses the difficulty that many people have with surrendering control and going with the flow, as they are used to being very intentional about what they want to create and experience in life.


  • He emphasizes the importance of energetically avoiding the perspective of selling and focuses on building relationships and genuine connections with people.


  • Brandon shares his perspective on the significance of relationships in business, stating that they are everything, and success is all about the quality of relationships and depth of connection with others.


  • He believes in the power of intention and emphasizes the importance of being intentional about what one wants to create and experience in life, as focusing on this brings about faster and amazing results, where miracles happen all the time.


Time Stamps:

08:15 – 08:38: Discussing the concept of affiliate, referral partnerships, and joint ventures.
08:38 – 09:20: Example of creating a partnership and the importance of intention and design in the process.
09:20 – 10:03: Emphasizing the need for a plan of action, discussing the referral partner blueprint.
10:27 – 11:17: Explaining the referral blueprint and the importance of understanding the audience and adding value to potential partners.
11:17 – 12:08: Discussing the mindset and intention when approaching potential partners, and the concept of finding complementary services.
12:45 – 13:11: Emphasizing the principle of giving and receiving, focusing on impact over income.
14:37 – 15:31: Advice on expanding partnerships and approaching potential partners with an existing relationship.
16:18 – 17:11: Closing remarks and an invitation to a business growth advisory session.


Resources Mentioned:

Brandon Barnum: Website | Website | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram


Ideas Worth Sharing:

Selling is serving – an energy focused on the highest and best for all. Referrals, too, stem from a desire to help others improve their lives. My key to success? It's in the alignment and partnerships that genuinely prioritize the… Click To Tweet Beingness is your vibration, your energy, that spiritual connection. When I'm connected to a source or God, the undeniable connection with the universe amplifies the magic as I focus, bringing better moments to everyone, even those… Click To Tweet Position your business as the solution to challenges faced by others' clients. When you strategically align with those already serving your prospects, you become the go-to choice for promotion, provided you deliver quality service.… Click To Tweet




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