About Us

There are a million ways to be successful and you only need to find one-yours.
Beate Chelette

About Us

Our team is passionate to grow your impact, income and authority so that you can initially achieve financial freedom and ultimately freedom of time through scalable systems.


Hello, my name is Beate Chelette. I am the Growth Architect and Founder of The Women’s Code, and I am passionate about helping visionaries and leaders to grow their authority and scale their impact.

My story began as an inquisitive little girl in Germany who talked too much (in lederhosen, no less 😉) who longed for adventure. Yes, every report card said “talks too much.”

More than anything, I felt that rules are made to be bend or broken. I believe making your impact in the world starts outside the status quo. We have to push the envelope beyond what we think is possible to go as big as we can.

My path to making my impact is not a Princess story. And nobody handed me the crown to become the Queen either. Instead, I found myself stressed out, overwhelmed as a single mother, and immigrant in America and broke with over $135,000 in debt. Not exactly where I had hoped my adventure would take me!

Fighting through a decade of bad luck, I failed my way to astounding success. But first, I had to crack the code!

Finally, with great insight, resilience, and perseverance, I figured out how to build (yet another) business and successfully sold it to the one and only, Bill Gates. My luck certainly changed. And with that, everything changed.

The acquisition gave me the freedom to pursue my passion and purpose. I often say that there are a million ways to be successful. You only need to find one, yours! And that is what I want to do with and for you.

That is why I am here. Today I have a build a reputation as a straight shooter and my ability to inspire and empower. My super skill is working with colorful big thinkers and converting big ideas into executable systems. 

To help you to uncover the hidden issues, devise your growth strategy, help you build your growth system so that you can grow your authority and scale your impact. For a full bio and more info about me please visit the media page.

Resilience is the audacity to never give up. 

Beate Chelette

The Growth Architect

Our Core Values:

Impact Driven, Strategic, Easy

Our Vision:

We create strategies for growth and freedom 


Our Mission:
To accelerate your vision and goals through the design and implementation of systems, strategy and authority platform building.

Our Commitment to Leadership

We lead with courage, decisiveness and a positive mindset so that we can empower and impact as many people as possible.

Meet Our Team:

As your Growth Architects we’ve meticulously chosen subject matter experts globally to expedite your growth. Our diverse team of Business Growth Experts, with varied backgrounds and skills help to elevate you and your business. They personify our core values and demonstrate diversity across various age groups, cultures, religions, and races.

Kimberleen Cuello

Kimberleen Cuello

Executive Assistant


Kim is our Executive Assistant who’s focused on managing the team that handles the day to day Admin and Tech Operations of Growth Architect. She loves everything about systems and is a huge fan of streamlining processes for increased productivity and efficiency! An intuitive and a forward planner, she and her team supports the Growth Architect and working behind the scenes with launches, content production and distribution, podcast outreach, podcast production and distribution, and managing projects.



Video Editor


Oleksandr is a passionate video editor with a keen eye for detail and a talent for transforming raw footage into stunning, engaging videos that captivate audiences and effectively convey messages, capturing attention and leaving a lasting impact.

Ashish Kumar

Ashish Kumar

Tech Lead


Ashish is our tech wizard! He is the key liaison between our talented developers and the project itself, ensuring quality development throughout each project every step of the way. Ashish leads by example with his ability to code a website from scratch. He is a stickler for excellent clean code and always tweaking our site to make things work seamlessly.

Mo Salah

Mo Salah

Youtube Growth Expert


Mo, our YouTube growth expert, brings expertise in enhancing channel visibility, optimizing content, and implementing winning strategies to maximize subscriber growth and boost engagement to our Youtube Channel.

Nishon Watson

Nishon Watson


Riverside, CA

Nishon is our meticulous bookkeeper whom we could not do without!  As the designated money maven she makes sure everything and everyone gets paid on time. She’s a single mom and very involved in her kids activities and has worked on our team for many, many years.

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