In the 2nd part of our two-part sales series on the Business Growth Architect Show we dive into the sales script with Matt Ryder, CEO of 7th Level and Founder of the Sales Sniper.  If you have not watched episode one, we highly recommend that you do so.


Matt’s mission is to dispel the myth that sales need to be difficult and complicated. Instead, his methods present sales as a simple and enjoyable conversation with the prospect.


Matt, celebrated and admired for his expertise in sales processes, shares insights into identifying key problems and their impacts on sales outcomes. Matt and I have some good conversations about the technique he uses so naturally that it’s easy to miss them. But, I am staying with it until he gives away one of the key pieces in sales, which is how to put yourself in the same room with your prospect and feel like you are on the same level.


The episode highlights the NEPQ sales methodology and how 7thLevel, a sales training organization in partnership with Jeremy Miner, teaches it. Basically in this episode you get Matt’s sales script. If I were you, I’d sit there with pen and paper and take lots of notes.


Besides the script, Matt gives you viewpoints on the optimal duration of sales calls and how emotional saturation can affect the closure rate of deals are discussed, suggesting that brevity, coupled with addressing all necessary points, leads to better outcomes.


Drawing on experiences with different businesses, we cover the importance of asking in-depth questions and having curious conversations, which can rapidly build connections, even on cold calls.


The conversation extends to the free content and webinars provided by Matt and his team, making sure you have the opportunity to further your learning and perfecting your sales techniques and methods.


Please share the episode and reach out with any business-related questions, with an invitation to a complimentary session for personalized advice





What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Matt emphasizes the importance of not taking rejection personally in sales, viewing it as a mere business decision by the prospect, not a personal affront.


  • He provides access to free content and a Facebook group focused on sales insights, training and objection handling.


  • Matt uses a specific sales script himself, further emphasizing a structured approach to sales conversations.
  • Matt is recognized for having a natural curiosity about people, which he considers a great asset in the context of sales and beyond.


  • He adopts an interrogative technique in sales calls, looking for the emotional sweet spot and understanding the intent and outcome of each phase, highlighting the systematic nature of the NEPQ methodology.


Time Stamps:

-09:55 – Scripting is key for controlling sales conversations.
11:12 – Anticipate and predict client’s thematic responses.
13:29 – Navigate stages in a call: connect, assess the situation, identify problems, and propose solutions.
15:44 – Evoke emotions and create urgency to encourage decisiveness.
18:33 – Engage in intelligent, conversational sales discussions.
21:43 – Harness perspective shifts to understand and challenge clients.
23:29 – Use objection handling to steer sales positively.
25:47 – Leverage age and experience gaps for mentorship and sales rapport.
28:11 – Enjoy and apply curiosity in all conversations.
29:34 – Treat CEOs as regular individuals in sales pitches.


Resources Mentioned:

Matt Ryder: Website | Website | LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook


Ideas Worth Sharing:

Conversations are scripts waiting to be mastered. In six months, with practice, you can predict the themes of responses, crafting a beautiful and predictable dialogue. - Matt Ryder Click To Tweet In the race of motivation, escaping danger proves mightier than chasing desires. The fear of consequences propels us faster than any enticing reward. - Matt Ryder Click To Tweet When we try to figure out who we are, what we're good at, what our purpose is, and it's all about us... but it becomes more interesting to find out about other people. - Matt Ryder Click To Tweet



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