In this engaging episode, Robert Indries examines the psychology of fear and the importance of living in the present and what that really means. He explains that most fears are products of our imagination and demonstrates that we cannot suffer from fear if we stay in the moment since the past is a memory and the future is fiction.


The discussion moves to the practical side of fear, where Indries shares insights on channeling your fears into productivity. He shares that preparing for potential negative outcomes indicated by fear impulses, anxiety can be significantly reduced, transitioning fear from an obstacle to a useful alert system. 


Indries shares his personal journey from a tech enthusiast to a highly successful engineering professional who has completed over one hundred engineering projects with his companies. The spectrum of work ranges from autonomous flying drones to dermatology sensors, demonstrating his varied and consistent expertise in the field of engineering.


One of the favorite pieces of this interview is Robert challenging what it means to achieve success and how to maintain your chosen lifestyle. This is reflected in his keeping his yearly costs under six figures. He values simplicity and he calculates in this episode how you can arrive at a lifestyle model that will work for you and how much money you need to earn to do so.


This is why he values data-driven decision-making in business, emphasizing the alignment of decisions with personal values, ensuring that you will not regret decisions by your own standards and parameters.


Overall, this episode provides valuable insights into fear management, decision-making, the power of living in the present, self-awareness, and the trade-offs between success and personal sacrifice.




What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Robert suggests that 90% of our fears are imagined and that we cannot suffer from fear if we stay in the present, as the past is memory and the future is fiction.


  • He believes that the fear of failure is deeply rooted in a fear of not being loved and feeling unworthy of love, which is a core issue many people face.


  • Robert offers direct, personal interaction through his website, promising powerful game-changing conversations for those who reach out to him.


  • His drive and acumen is evidenced by his history of having completed over two hundred diverse engineering projects, from autonomous drones to dermatology sensors..


  • Robert details a strategy for transforming fear into productivity, using it as a motivational force to prepare and diminish anxiety.


Time Stamps:

01:57 – From Tech Enthusiast To Engineering Pro
05:23 – Fear Of Failure And Worthy Of Love
08:33 – Confronting Fear: Living In The Present
11:03 – Conquering Anxiety: A Productivity Guide
15:04 – Unlocking Success: Embracing Self-Awareness And Vision
20:21 – Mastering The Decision-Making Process
23:36 – Embracing Extreme Work Ethic For Success
24:45 – The Genius Path: Sacrifice And Success
26:09 – Mastery In Achieving Success
30:49 – A Life’s Mission: Embracing Change And Pivot


Resources Mentioned:

Robert Indries: Website | LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram


Ideas Worth Sharing:

People who make decisions in business tend to be more successful. - Robert Indries Click To Tweet People who are OK with making mistakes tend to be more successful. - Robert Indries Click To Tweet The reason why we do not make good decisions is that we do not give ourselves time to think. - Robert Indries Click To Tweet




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