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“My desire is to advise and mentor women on how to play
with and compete with, but more importantly, how to succeed
alongside the big boys.”

Beate Chelette


My coaching programs, online courses, and live training programs have helped hundreds of men and women achieve corporate and personal success.

It’s my passion to share with you the German-engineered, tough-love approach combined with my knowledge about building and growing business. My client results are my priority.

Drawing on the principles inside the Women’s Code and my own expertise as a serial entrepreneur, I’ll give you and your company proven tools, guidance and the support you need to quickly and effectively reach your goals of Balanced Leadership, Gender Equality and beyond.

Let me show you how to create a professional life that your entire team can enjoy – and that makes you money!

Would you like to join this balanced leadership movement that’s revolutionizing the way the world’s leading corporations work?

If improved decision making, more creativity, innovation and better problem solving are appealing characteristics you’d like to see more of on your company’s leadership team, it’s time to take action now. You can achieve all this now, by booking Beate to train your teams at your next corporate even by bringing her in to work directly with your team.

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With her entrepreneurial spirit, strong business acumen, and compassion for humanity, Beate is an inspiration to us all. Spending one hour listening to Beate will teach you lifelong lessons that will prove to be useful time and time again.

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Head of Global Social Strategy and Operations at DocuSign

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How to Start the Conversation

Inside this powerful training, we’ll unpack five modules which contain the power to transform and enlighten you and your colleagues on the shared corporate journey. In two LIVE intensive days, Beate will unpack an interactive core system you can use immediately, to drive growth and balanced leadership forward in your company.

The components include the five steps to new leadership balance:

  1. Awareness
  2. Collaboration
  3. Support
  4. Team Building
  5. Strategic Implementation

Direct benefits from these five steps of leadership include:

  • Being conscious of and identifying more of what is really happening in your team
  • Simple gender decoding, which means better communication between men and women
  • How to get more creativity and production from your teams
  • How you can include everyone’s skill on the playing field now
  • New updated skills for enhancing employee output
  • Higher efficiency models for working on creative solutions

In addition you’ll walk away with a clear roadmap that helps you manage conflict at work, overcome negativity and bad office climates.

It all starts with you – the leader.

That’s why I’m so excited – you are here, that means you are ready. Please take the first step now, and complete your company’s Uncovery Session application here.



The Women’s Code has the power to redefine who we are, what we are, and what we want. Truly, modern women want it all. And with leadership courseThe Women’s Code, we can have it. With The Women’s Code online courses, I will show you how to get it and how to enjoy what you have so much more.

The Women’s Code unlocks your knowledge that has been buried along the way and allows you to turn the seemingly impossible complexity of who you are into a clearer, more focused person with a happier life. It teaches you the fundamentals of awareness, support, and collaboration. You can do it. And you deserve it. If you are ready to take the first step and want to move forward today, please chose from one of three Women’s Code course on this page and find out which one is the right one for you.

The Ambassador Course is our most popular course because it combines the Career and Work-Life Balance Courses. If you are ready to find out and break through whatever has and is holding you back from achieving your personal goals AND your career dreams – this is for you.
Please take a look if this is the course for you.

The Women’s Code CAREER COURSE

Are you ready to break through whatever is holding you back from achieving your dreams? Or, are you not sure what it is that you want careerto achieve and where you want your career to go?

No matter if you want more income, higher sales, or that exciting promotion, let The Women’s Code teach you to define what you want and show you how you can achieve it—while having a functioning work-life balance.
With The Women’s Code Online Career Course, you will learn how to identify what has been holding your career back. You will devise your personal Career Blueprint step-by-step that will help you to go swiftly from where you are right now to where you want to be.
The Women’s Code Online Career Course will help you identify your best skills and pinpoint those you still need to develop in order to make career advancements. This course will help you figure out the specific steps to take to start your career or get it back on track.

To check out the Career Course please go here.


Women’s lives are out of balance. Too often women are the ones whose needs come last. We are the last ones to go to bed, the last work-lifeones to mark our plans on the calendar, and the last ones who take time to find relief from the stresses we are under.
We can relearn in easy steps how to take care of ourselves. Having a work-life balance means we can avoid big problems that result from an overload of stress and lack up support.

Through the Women’s Code Work-Life Balance Course, you will discover what the keys to a successful work-life balance are and how to figure out a realistic plan that fits your life. In this course, you will learn how to set a Main Focus based on your priorities and you will create your personal Action Plan. The Balance Training will aid you with your weekly planning and scheduling. By the end of the course, you will have identified what you shouldn’t do and say any longer, and instead, you will have a doable personalized (Life) Balance plan.

To find out if this course is right for you, please go to this page.

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One of 50 Must-Follow Women Entrepreneurs in 2017 – Huffington Post
Built and sold a creative business to Bill Gates
Certified Practitioner of Myers-Brigg Type Indicator Assessment Tool
Faculty of the Wizard Academy
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Certified Women Owned Business
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