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for Visionaries and Leaders
Who Want to Grow Their Authority and Scale Their Impact

Providing Visionaries and Leaders with
Growth Strategies and Tools So That They Can
Make Their Impact

Our clients know where they want to go. They want to build their authority and scale their impact. They have a clear understanding of concepts like mindset, team building and leadership. They have done a lot of personal development and continuous business improvements but growth is slow. They invested in consultants and systems, but still – business results follow an up and down pattern of a sine wave. They don’t have enough hours in their day, and they know they need a strategy to grow their authority consistently. Our clients also know that the next step for organizational growth requires upleveling teams, aligning business units and functions or elevating the entire company.

We love creating strategies that grow authority and scale impact. If that resonates with you, please contact us and let’s see if we are a good fit.

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Clients Call Us When They Need a Strategy

Such as: Growth Authority, Scaling Impact, Strategic Planning and Facilitation, System Design including Process and Journey Mapping, Workflow Alignment, Productivity Optimization. Leadership and Professional Development, Team Optimization.

  • Growth System (Organize your knowledge into your signature system)
  • Growth Strategies (Designing your optimal alignment plan)
  • Growth Authority (Your journey map to scaling your impact)
  • Team Optimization (Making sure you got the team to get you there)

The Growth Architect delivers through our mastermind, strategic facilitation, consulting, keynotes, workshops, team events and implementation roll-out. We are MBTI and Predictive Index certified.

Grow Your Authority and Scale Your Impact


As strategic advisor to organizations from start-ups to Fortune 100 global brands, we help organizations to grow their authority and scale their impact through our 5-Star Success Blueprint methodology. 

In 2009, Beate Chelette founded Chelette Enterprises, Inc., a WBEC, WOSB, CPU, SBE certified training and consulting company.


Read Beate’s Book
Happy Woman Happy World

In Beate’s award winning and acclaimed book, Happy Woman Happy World, she concurs that women can have it all, just not at the same time. Instead, she offers the original time-based ego-RHYTHM® concept, which allows women to delve into defining what is most important during their various stages of life. She then teaches you how to set a Main Focus, re-structure your life for a better Work-Life Balance, and put an end to the “crazy-making” lifestyle.

The principles of The Women’s Code, her proprietary strategy that helps women cope, collaborate and lead are explained. Available as audio book, eBook, and printed book.

For more information about the book, please go here: www.HappyWomanHappyWorld.com

Assess the condition of your organization through the 5 Star Success Blueprint,

Bring us in to assess the condition of your organization through the 5 Star Success Blueprint, identify any untapped opportunities for growth, devise an action plan, and deliver the training and tools you need to be a balanced leader to an empowered and diverse team. We are proud to have worked with Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups as well as Fortune 100 companies.

Our clients include thousands of small businesses as well as Chevron, Merck Pharmaceuticals, TracyLocke, and JANSSEN’S (Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-19 team), non-profits like Shelter Inc. and Mental Health First Aid as well as small businesses, and STEM organizations around the world.

We are proud to have worked with
and for these companies

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The Danger of an Inconsistent Attitude

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Growth Mapping To Reach Your Goals

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