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Senator Connie M. Leyva
California State Legislative

Thank you so much for your wonderful, practical and inspiring talk! We all enjoyed it and I have noticed that many of us are using your tips!

How to Grow and Scale a Business

As a woman leader, Entrepreneur, and immigrant, Beate Chelette is a passionate speaker and business strategist who cracked the code and realized her own American Dream. Once $135,000 in debt as a single parent, she bootstrapped her passion for photography into a highly successful global business which she sold to Bill Gates in a multimillion-dollar deal. 

Whether she is speaking to or workshopping with 12 people or presenting to 5000, Beate’s engaging talks weave humor with compelling facts, supporting the case for balanced leadership and business growth strategies. Beate has spoken for Intel, Chevron, Merck Pharmaceuticals, TracyLocke, and Janssen’s (the Johnson & Johnson company responsible for developing a treatment for Covid-19), as well as many women, entrepreneur and tech conferences around the country, including: 

  • CreativeLive (over 40,000 people have taken our courses)
  • WomanUp! (California Association of Realtors)
  • Wonder Women Tech 
  • Women’s Business Enterprise Council West Annual Conference
  • CA Women’s Caucus
  • Women of Silicon Valley
  • Ingomu Learning
  • Cornerstone on Demand
  • Accounting and Finance Show
  • National Association of Women Business Owners

Beate has developed a bullet proof framework for business success based on her professional and personal experiences – including surviving 9/11, the 2011 Tsunami, the 1994 Northridge Earthquake, and the 1992 LA Riots among other disasters. Book her as your speaker for your next event. 

Beate speaks on mindset, devising strategies, sales, the 5-Star Success Blueprint, workplace unification or the ROI of Balanced Leadership. Please fill out our speaker form  and let’s schedule a conversation to find out which message you want your audience to walk away with. 

“One of 50 Must-Follow Women Entrepreneurs.” — HuffPost


Caitlin Angeloff
Head of Global Social Strategy at DocuSign
With her entrepreneurial spirit, strong business acumen, and compassion for humanity, Beate is an inspiration to us all.

Speaking Topics




Business and Entrepreneur Speaking and Workshop Topics
  • The 5 Star Success Blueprint How To Grow, Build and Scale Your Business In a Systematic Way

  • The Inevitable Recovery – Finding Inspiration In a Time of Crisis

  • Sales Made Simple – Developing an Offer That Delivers What Your Customers Really Want to Buy

  • Turn Your Talent Into a Business – Transforming Passion Into Profits

  • Fail Fast – Using Adversity to Build Resilience

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Leadership and Team Workshop and Speaking Topics
  • Thought Leadership – What Do Leaders Need to Prepare For Next?

  • The ROI of Balanced Leadership

  • Create Your Unapologetic Value Proposition  and Learn How to Pitch Anything to Anyone – Anytime

  • Understand How to Communicate Your Value Effectively

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Workplace Unification Speaking and Workshop Topics
  • Lead on CUE: Successfully Align Male and Female Leadership Styles

  • The Future of Leadership – A Return to Humanity (Please see our Insights Paper)

  • 5 Profit Secrets of Gender Diverse Corporations 

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Motivational Presentations
  • Why You Matter

This presentation was given to the Janssen team from Johnson and Johnson as they were developing the vaccine with the purpose of telling them that they had a right to be on the team, that their ideas and thoughts matter, and that they have all the tools they need. This is the talk that Beate is most proud of as she supported and inspired 200 scientists all over the world.

Outline: In this motivational talk your team members will be empowered to bring themselves in fully and understand that they have a unique and valuable point to the team that ONLY THEY have and ONLY THEY can bring. They will feel encouraged that their input and ideas matter and they are appreciated.

The take aways are:

– Your ideas matter
– We appreciate you
– It may not be your idea but the idea that is sparks that moves the team forward

Your team will walk away fired up and excited with a renewed sense of belonging and purpose.

  • Fail Your Way to Success

This presentation addresses the fear of making mistakes. Decision making can be hindered significantly if team members do not want to take risks or try something because they fear failure.  In this motivational talk your team members will be empowered to show up more boldly and understand that perceived failure is nothing other than a crossroad in their career that says ‘not this way, take another way.” This talk is humorous and has been presented to high school students, Podcasts for Entrepreneurs and team members alike. 

The take aways are:

–  It’s okay to make mistakes
– Failing fast is a powerful growth strategy
– On whether you make a decision or not – it is a decision

Your team will walk away encouraged and empowered to bring themselves in more and try different things even when they are not on whether or not it will work. 

To book Beate for your next event or to discuss a custom topic please click here:

You may also reach out to request custom conversations and engagements around any of these additional topics: 

  • Company Culture
  • Diversity, Equality and Inclusion 
  • Mergers & Acquisitions 
  • Strategic Career Advancement

“All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.”

— Michael John Bobak

Justin Barker,
Channel Head of Money,
Life & Business at
One of the hardest working people I have met — Beate Chelette develops and creates content that moves audiences and inspires them either in the creation of countless new businesses or to step up and take charge in leading more successful lives. Beate is a powerhouse who is deeply passionate about her community (especially women) and their potentials. As her content producer at CreativeLive, I am moved by her work. From her well-designed handouts, to her amazingly detailed presentation, to all of the love and energy she puts into her content and her live presentation – Beate is a fantastic human.

Milena Erwin, MBA, Women’s Business Center,
University of Hartford

Beate’s presentation style is very compelling and interactive, and she kept the audience engaged and entertained. The women in attendance, including me, walked away inspired and motivated, with a clear plan and action steps to designing their best fit client. Beate is an excellent speaker, blending her own experience as a successful entrepreneur with the stories of the many women she works with.

David Feldman
Chevron, Supply Diversity

I was very moved by the presentation and look forward to promoting this gender equalizing and leadership balancing system to my own company and others.

Joy Brown
Lead Development Associate NFTE
Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship

Beate came completely prepared to speak to our group. She was professional and motivating…but most important of all – she got a large room of high schoolers to cheer towards the end of her inspiring speech. I’m positive they left feeling encouraged and uplifted. We were grateful for her energy, knowledge and enthusiasm.

Kathrin Hager Event Manager

German American Business Association  |  Southern California Chapter


Thank you very much for speaking to the GABA community! I believe I speak for all attendees that the content was very valuable and inspiring. Interesting was also, that it made so much sense listening to your tips and guidance, yet, I have not been able to come up with many of these thoughts myself. Aside from the content, I always enjoy your visual and verbal presentation style. Thank you for your support to GABA! Being able to offer quality presentations like yours is what keeps the community thriving.

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