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Grow Your Authority and Scale Your Impact

Hi, I’m Beate, and my entrepreneurial journey is a crazy transition from being a broke single mom and immigrant who was $135,000 in debt to cracking the code and then selling my business to Bill Gates for millions. 

My super skill is turning everything into an executable strategy. 

My clients are consultants, coaches, and service providers who want to grow their authority to scale their impact. I help them design the framework, strategy, and system to streamline operations and workflows. Using my 5-Star Success Blueprint, I can diagnose in 30-45 minutes where a business is stuck, if it has missing elements, or needs optimal alignment. 

My goal is to make strategy simple to understand for your audience, give insights into how to get unstuck, and instill confidence that they can build a sustainable and strategic business model. In the area of “nitchesizing” (my word), it’s easy to get caught in the details and not see the big picture.

I am passionate about building structure for overwhelmed and frustrated business owners who can’t squeeze any more time out of their busy day. There is a simple way to stop things from falling through the cracks and team members not being fully utilized and supported. Very little excites me as much as designing a strategy, building a repeatable structure, and process mapping. 

In so many words – I don’t sell the dream; I provide the strategy

If this is something that resonates, reach out. How can I support your audience?

The most booked topics are scaling impact, growing authority, resilience, and leadership. I’ve done this for Amazon, Reckitt –the maker of Lysol, Los Angeles Philharmonic, and thousands of leaders. 

My preferred style is conversational. I am high energy and high value, and no question is off-limits. Hosts have called me a dream guest, and I have a 5-Star rating. 

Now that my daughter is all grown up, my partner and I enjoy being outside — hiking, hanging out at the beach, and skiing.

Sample Topics are:

  • How to strategically grow your authority as an expert in your industry
  • The three elements to become an authority in your field
  • How to avoid these simple mistakes that prohibit most leaders from growing their authority faster
  • How to get from overwhelmed to authority
  • What exactly is strategy, what types of strategies are there, and which one should I use? 

Thank you so much for everything you did to support our Women United luncheon! I have heard nothing but wonderful comments on how inspiring and touching your speech was. We do have some preliminary numbers, and this was our highest revenue in event history!

Thank you so much for your time, energy, and dedication to the luncheon.

Victoria Dominquez

Supervisor, Workplace & Corporate Development, United Way

Out of the myriad of insightful and informative presentations, I can, without a doubt, tell you I found yours to absolutely be the most inspirational. And inspiration, in my opinion, is the most valuable skill of all.

Callie Groth

VP Operations and Business Development, Brocktek

… I ended up at the University of Hartford listening to you speak. I immediately reached out to you. You responded, and we begin my VIP journey. I learned a lot about myself, my abilities, gain much needed confidence, and faced some demons holding me back from success. I finally was armed with the tools I need to get back to myself and grow my career as an insurance agent. My book of business started to grow before we were even through the VIP process. All the tools you gave me lead me to my meeting at reSET. With crazy confidence, my new tools, and new found self awareness I am embarking on something I never thought possible. I am developing a business plan for a business idea of my very own. You helped unlock a person that has me dormant for too long. I can never thank you enough. I am in the process of using my VIP materials to create my personal value proposition for my new business.
Brehn Ehteredge

Sample Speaking and Workshop Topics

Growth System

Growth Strategy

Growth Authority

Business and Entrepreneurship

How to Grow Your Authority and Scale Your Impact

Where do you want to grow? Clarity is the key to success in business because it determines the the strategy you need. In this session Beate will guide you through the 5 Star Success Blueprint so that you can identify what you a missing, where you may have missed a step and what is out of alignment. In this session, you will learn:

  • The five steps of Growth Architecture in sequential order
  • Understand where your business is in the growth cycle and what step is next
  • How to design your business growth strategy so that you have more free time


Airtight Avatar

Finding the right leads is critical to every business. In this session you will learn how to create a customer profile or Avatar. Only when you understand your ideal client, the perfect fit, the person or business who wants what you have to offer and is already looking for you can you increase your client attraction and closing rate. 

  • How to know exactly who your ideal client is 
  • How to establish yourself as the problem solver to your clients
  • How to accelerate your growth and profits by consistently attracting your ideal client


Growth System: Organize Your Knowledge Under One Umbrella and Create Your Signature System

Throughout your career, you have acquired an arsenal of knowledge that you can use to meet your client’s needs and increase your revenue. The challenge? How do you package your entire life’s work into your signature system that has the steps clearly outlined so that your customers know which piece provides a solution that they desire.  In this session, you will learn:

  • The key concepts of building your signature system
  • How to organize everything you offer under one umbrella
  • How to structure a customer journey that has multiple offers


From Strategy to Execution: Design, Plan, and Implement Your Bold Merger & Acquisition Strategy

Growth Architect, Beate Chelette, will show you how to design and refine M&A as an implementable growth strategy. Most business owners underutilize this powerful tool for rapid growth because they don’t understand Mergers & Acquisitions or are intimidated by them. That ends now because we will demystify and simplify what a transaction is and how it works. You will walk away knowing how to identify and assess the best strategic fit of an acquisition target and which transaction type will work best for your goals. If you are done playing small, this workshop is for you.

Your takeaways will include :

  • Understanding how to formulate and execute your M&A strategy
  • Conducting diligence and valuation
  • Knowing how to create true value for your business and achieve bold growth objectives 

Book Growth Architect Beate Chelette as your speaker for your next event


Leading the Big Shift: Successfully Navigating the Most Complex Challenges Leaders Have Faced in Decades

Every organization understands that there is one thing for certain – we are not going back to the way it once was. There are so many options, decisions, and meetings, amid an ever-changing get-back-to-work, work-from-home, or hybrid landscape. From students to employees and leaders people have different expectations of education, development, employment and leadership. You want to prepare your organization to be comfortable with the unknown. Your team must be ready, agile and able to adapt. Structures must be adjusted, changed and bend. But where do you start, who will lead the change and which piece requires the most urgency? 

 In this session that is designed as an interactive session, you will learn:

  • How the pandemic’s domino effect has changed how we live, work and what matters most
  • What role trust and safety has in transforming your organization to be future ready
  • What the first step is that you can take to address these changes before the opportunities it created are gone


The New Business Code: Breaking Barriers to Work United

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work in an environment that valued the needs and brilliant leadership styles of diverse teams? The existing business structure follows a code designed by and for men. With the challenges and changes we lived through one thing is clear, we have a unique moment in time creating a new definition of successful leadership–A New Business Code. This New Business Code values a more personal approach–empathy, understanding, community, and collaboration. In this session, you will learn:

  • The fundamental principles that created the existing structure and why it is failing
  • How a pandemic changed our view of effective leadership
  • Why the leadership pipeline is threatened and the reasons so many don’t want to lead
  • How you can create this New Business Code at your organization

.Book Growth Architect Beate Chelette as your speaker for your next event


The Unapologetic Value Proposition – How to Pitch Anything to Anyone, Anytime.

Are you tired of being overlooked, passed over, or ignored at work? Then it is time for you to learn The Unapologetic Value Proposition. This powerful formula will show you how to present yourself in the best possible light without the discomfort and imposter syndrome. You will no longer miss out on promotions, hot job opportunities, advancement possibilities, or risk that your contributions go unheard and unseen. In this session, you will learn:

  • The four elements of your Unapologetic Value Proposition so that you can be you and be seen and heard
  • How to present your ideas  powerfully and convincingly 
  • How to ask for what you deserve without great confidence, clarity, and conviction

Book Growth Architect Beate Chelette as your speaker for your next event



Failing Your Way to Success

Everyone is looking for a pathway to success, and the answer to a surefire way to get there may surprise you–Failure. It may seem odd to suggest that the quicker you fail, the faster you will succeed, but this, indeed, is a paradoxical truth.  In this session, you will learn from an expert in failure who endured over a decade of bad luck and failed her way to success. With resilience and perseverance, she figured out how to go from $135,000 in debt to building a business and selling it for millions to Bill Gates. Today Beate Chelette is recognized as a “Top 100 Global Thought Leaders” by PeopleHum and “One of 50 Must-Follow Women Entrepreneurs” by HuffPost. In this session, you will learn:

  • How to overcome the stigma of failure
  • Why failure is essential to being successful
  • How to allow failure to build resilience
  • How to embrace overcoming and stop judging yourself

Book Growth Architect Beate Chelette as your speaker for your next event


We have created custom speaking topics for many organizations like Merck Pharmaceuticals , Mount St. Mary and United Way. Our goal is to empower your audience, give them thought proving ideas and nurture them to want to lead. If you want to explore an idea please contact us. 

With her entrepreneurial spirit, strong business acumen, and compassion for humanity, Beate is an inspiration to us all. Spending one hour listening to Beate will teach you lifelong lessons that will prove to be useful time and time again.

Caitlin Angeloff

Head of Global Social Strategy and Operations at DocuSign

Beate Chelette the Growth Architect

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