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The 5 Profit Secrets of Gender Diverse Corporations. Listen to insights on the value of diversity in your leadership team!
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Joy Brownup,
Lead Development Associate
NFTE (Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship)
Beate came completely prepared to speak to our group. She was professional and motivating…but most important of all – she got a large room of high schoolers to cheer towards the end of her inspiring speech. I’m positive they left feeling encouraged and uplifted. We were grateful for her energy, knowledge and enthusiasm.


John Harrington
JVH Technical LLC
We invited Beate to be the featured speaker at our annual Digital Festival…her presentation had a blend of step-by-step roadmaps as well as education for understanding the principles of how to increase your business through leveraging your efforts.

Entrepreneurs Want To Grow Their Business

And for that they want to know about strategies and get tools from a speaker and trainer who’s done what every entrepreneur dreams about. Building a business means long to-do lists and hundreds of action items, but there are consistent, sequential steps that must be followed in order. Only if a business is strategically designed it will achieve long-lasting, consistent growth. These exact strategies are outlined in our 5 Star Success Blueprint of Growth Architecture, that I used to set up and sell my business to Bill Gates for millions of dollars. There is a specific sequence to building and scaling a business. One of the key components is understanding the prospective buyer’s mind and building a cohesive strategy from there. Most business owners live in a frenzy of to-do lists, action items, and email hell. There are so many things that need attention, and even though there is opportunity to grow, there is no time to strategically plan growth, no time to find the right team, and then train them and delegate task properly to the right people. Most founders end up doing too much themselves, or go after the wrong clients, or neglect leadership development, and as a result, the lack of a proper foundation prohibits scaling. We provide the strategies and support that will show your audience how to avoid frequently made mistakes and what the exact steps are they want to follow. My speaking, training, and workshop topics can be women centric or about entrepreneurship in general. Chose from a Ted type talk or  keynote, to workshops ranging from 2.5 hours to up to three days. Depending on the needs of your audience we’ll prepare the appropriate content that will give them insights and strategies in how to grow, build, and scale their businesses. Please fill out our speaker form  to book Beate as your speaker for your next event.

Justin Barker,
Channel Head of Money,
Life & Business at
You really killed it on stage.It was a delight working with you.

“All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.”

— Michael John Bobak

Justin Barker,
Channel Head of Money,
Life & Business at
One of the hardest working people I have met — Beate Chelette develops and creates content that moves audiences and inspires them either in the creation of countless new businesses or to step up and take charge in leading more successful lives. Beate is a powerhouse who is deeply passionate about her community (especially women) and their potentials. As her content producer at CreativeLive, I am moved by her work. From her well-designed handouts, to her amazingly detailed presentation, to all of the love and energy she puts into her content and her live presentation – Beate is a fantastic human.

Speaking Topics

Topic 1:

Growth Architecture: How To Grow, Build and Scale Your Business

Topic 2:

How To Lead On C.U.E.: Defining Women’s Leadership Style

Topic 3:

How To Sell More and Feel Good About It: Your step-by-step guide to close higher sales through value driven packages
5 Profit Secrets of Gender Diverse Corporations

Categories: Entrepreneurship — Strategic Planning and Positioning — Creativity and Innovation

In this presentation your audience will learn the 5 profit secrets of gender diverse corporations. Growth Architect Beate Chelette will take you step-by-step through her proprietary 5-Star Success Blueprint.

Your audience will gain insights into the three pillars that are critical to grow, build and scale your business, set it up for acquisition, or achieve a quantum leap.

Find out what NASDAQ is demanding and what most Fortune 500 companies are already doing that will be critical for your business success. Walk away with a definite action plan to take to get started on your business transformation for 2021.

Available as a keynote, and 3.5 hour workshop

Click here if you’re ready to book Beate as your speaker for this powerful presentation now!

Detailed Description For Topic 2: How To Lead On C.U.E.

Categories: Women Leadership— Team Building — Entrepreneurship

Until now, there have never been any concrete guidelines and tools to show women how to lead as women business owners. It’s widely recognized that women acting and leading like men is not effective and can be judged harshly and often negatively. In this overview of the fourth Step of Growth Architecture, Beate will define women’s leadership styles and illustrate how they differ and should differ from male leadership styles. Based on the principles she developed in her leadership movement The Women’s Code, she’ll illustrate the three female-centric attributes (Compassion, Uniqueness, Empowerment) that will provide support guidelines and effective tools for women CEO’s and team leaders which will improve team collaboration, eliminate negative competition and allow women to support each other to achieve success, recognition and balance on their own terms.

Your audience will take away:

  1. Knowing what women leadership attributes are
  2. How to lead teams more confidently
  3. Concrete strategies to create a better woman-to-woman working environment

Available as a keynote, half, and two-day training program.

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Detailed Description For Topic 3: How To Sell More and Feel Good About It

Categories: Entrepreneurship — Strategic Planning and Positioning — Creativity and Innovation

Solid and increasing sales showcase well-executed transfer of confidence to the buyer. Beate will show your audience strategies to increase sales by using her method of “Getting Inside Your Client’s Head.” The second step of her 5 Star Success Blueprint of Growth Architecture shows the elements needed to create a value proposition customized to solve each client’s specific need. From figuring out what clients actually want, to pricing it correctly to positioning and packaging it more effectively, this presentation outlines a unique relationship sales based solution. Learn how to analyze clients better and negotiate stronger, as well as create mutually beneficial partnerships with clients aimed at increasing the bottom line.

Your audience will take away:

  1. How to solve their client’s problems from a partnership perspective
  2. What elements go into understanding prospects needs and wants
  3. How to avoid the single biggest mistake most sales people make

Available as a keynote, half, or 2 day training program.

Click here if you’re ready to book Beate as your speaker for this powerful presentation now!

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