The Ultimate Business Checklist from The Growth Architect

The beautiful thing about using The Growth Architect’s methods and our 5 Star Success Blueprint is that it allows founders and business owners to drill down to the core of issues you may be experiencing.

7 Strategies That Can Build Your Business

Here’s my business checklist of the seven most important things you can do for your business that will support its growth.

  • After your ‘idea’ is hatched, clearly define your service or product
  • Create a customer profile and sell to your best prospects
  • Determine what makes you and your product special (U.S.P.)
  • Set milestones and give rewards
  • Set up the business so it provides you with what you need
  • Network constantly so you keep meeting potential clients or referrals
  • Be clear and unapologetic about your leadership style, for example lead on U.E. or P.S.P.

7 Behaviors That Will Destroy It

When businesses struggle or start to decline, there are seven things you want to look at. Here are seven mindsets that are often at the root of the problem.

  • Not having a plan and letting the wind determine your course
  • Believing the world is your customer
  • Lacking focus of what the business does, why it exists, and whom it serves
  • Wanting to be right even though the data shows otherwise
  • Not earning money while you can, and waiting until you desperate instead
  • Not setting boundaries with your employees and in your personal life
  • Falling into the Goal Paradox trap, the relentless pursuit of perfection

You may want to print this ultimate business checklist and use it to help yourself remain focused.

Let’s grow!


Beate Chelette is The Growth Architect and a results-oriented businesswoman with an entrepreneurial spirit and a proven track record in growing, building and scaling women’s businesses. Once $135,000 in debt and a single mother, she successfully sold her business to a global entertainment media company owned by Bill Gates in a multi-million dollar deal.

Through her online courses, one-on-one training programs and live speaking events, she mentors women entrepreneurs with her 5 Star Success Blueprint, developed with the knowledge gleaned from her growing, scaling and selling her own company. Beate has a deep commitment to supporting women.

She is the creator of The Women’s Code, the fourth step of Growth Architecture that is focused on Supporting Balanced Leadership. Her proprietary methods specifically address women’s obstacles and she leads from experience, having survived in business in a highly competitive male-dominated environment.

She is a respected speaker and mentor and is the author of the book “Happy Woman Happy World How to Go From Overwhelmed to Awesome”, a book that corporate trainer and best-selling author Brian Tracy calls “a handbook for every woman who wants health, success and a fulfilling career.”

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