Detach From the Outcome

One of the most productive reasons that curiosity fuels success is because it allows you to detach yourself from the outcome. In business, when you incorporate a new strategy and approach it with curiosity, it enables you to step back and see if it works with an evaluative mindset. Using curiosity makes it possible to put a timeframe in place and see if the strategy is right for you. By learning to implement a strategy without feelings attached to its success, you can honestly assess the results and say –yes, I like it, or no, this is not a good fit for me. When you can determine if the approach works and is aligned with your values, then it helps carve your path for success, and curiosity will help you see your results with a receptive mind.

Feel Like a Winner

When you learn to use curiosity, it allows you to feel like a winner because of your ability to detach yourself from making a judgment based on the outcome. When something doesn’t work, you can approach it with an appreciation for not wasting more time, energy, and resources implementing a failing strategy instead of being frustrated with the outcome. Without a curious approach, your most likely feeling would revolve around disappointment for wasted money and effort. By using curiosity, you learn not to judge the outcome and to view success or failure as a guide for your next steps. Using curiosity shapes your perception from good or bad to an appreciation for the process.

Discover Working Strategies

Every leader should be using the lens of curiosity to determine which strategies to try out with your business. I recommend that you implement a lead generation strategy on a digital platform every quarter – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Ads, Google, Yelp – whatever you choose, and you fine-tune those strategies continuously. When you use curiosity as the main emotion in your business, it prevents you from negative emotions and allows you to make decisions based on results and not emotions while guiding your strategic adjustments.

When you know how to harness the power of curiosity, you feel a lot more like a winner, and it helps you look at your business with the curiosity of which strategies you should implement. Be curious – it is an essential emotion for reaching success.

At the Growth Architect, my goal is to help you develop a business strategy that will give you the tools you need for success. If you want to learn more about using curiosity to grow your business, watch my video and contact me when you are ready to create your growth strategy!

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Beate Chelette is The Growth Architect & Founder of The Women’s Code, a training company specialized in providing companies an ROI on Balanced Leadership. She has been named one of 50 must-follow women entrepreneurs by the Huffington Post. A first-generation immigrant who found herself $135,000 in debt as a single parent, she bootstrapped her passion for photography into a highly successful global business and eventually sold it to Bill Gates in a multimillion-dollar deal.

Beate works with business leaders and supports organizations by developing and providing training the training, tools, and expertise to create and maintain a balanced, equal, and inclusive work environment that fosters creativity, employee engagement, and corporate growth.

Recent clients include Merck, Women’s Legislative Caucus of California, Cal State University Dominguez Hills, Small Business Development Centers (SBDC), NFTE, CreativeLive, the Association of Corporate Growth, and TracyLocke.

Beate is the author of the #1 International Amazon Bestseller “Happy Woman Happy World – How to Go From Overwhelmed to Awesome” a book that corporate trainer and best-selling author Brian Tracy calls “a handbook for every woman who wants health, success and a fulfilling career.

To book Beate to speak or train please connect here. Your Time Is Valuable!

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