Where are you right now with sales for this year? Take what you made in the first six months and project it out for the rest of the year. Simplest way is to just double the number. Are you on target, or should we be rolling up our sleeves to beef up your sales strategy, packages, pricing, and sales conversation live TOGETHER? If that interests you, please join me.

On August 1st, I am launching a Facebook Challenge called $ales Made $imple in 7 Days: How to package, price, and confidently offer what your clients want to buy!

To sign up for the $ales Made $imple In 7 Days Challenge, please go here. The challenge starts August 1st. It’s complimentary and we’ll go deep into a few common issues around sales. $ales Made $imple is our motto, meaning I will show you a simple way to approach and close more sales.

The 7 Common Sales Problem

Here are the seven common sales problems that we will address in the $ales Made $imple Challenge:

  • Sales are icky
    Just the word “sales” makes many business owners uncomfortable. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could sell without ever saying anything, or advertising our wares? Imagine that clients magically know what is in our heads and recognize our talent and brilliance and just give us their money, no questions asked? Nice fantasy, but the reality is that you have to tell them why they should buy from you, which creates that icky feeling of sales. I’ll share a simple way to get over that hurdle and we’ll debunk icky sales on Day 1.
  • Wrong clients who “just don’t get it”
    Nothing screams no deal like not being on the same side with your clients or disliking them altogether. A confrontational or hostile attitude toward prospects means you can’t convert them into clients.Or, you may have put together an offer or pricing structure that is so complicated and convoluted (even if makes a lot of sense to you) that it requires an engineering degree to figure out what exactly they are getting. It’s been said many times: a confused client doesn’t buy. If your offer is too complicated, let’s simplify it. On Day 2 we look into finding better paying clients.
  • The diversion
    Money-making tasks and sales need to be at the forefront of your daily activities. This is what matters most to the wellbeing of your business, your cash flow, and subsequently, how many people you can reach and touch with your brilliance. If that’s true, then why engage in constant diversions that take you away from sales? If your sales process is not simple, this happens a LOT. Would you prefer to learn SEO or reorganize your office before tackling sales? Let’s untangle this mess and get you excited about sales. Day 3 focuses on simple sales strategies.
  • The language barrier
    In the 5-Star Success Blueprint, I’ve outlined a clear, step-by-step system that anyone can follow. It starts with the basics: the words you use. You must be clear about what you say to your prospects and what you want them to do. If they can’t understand what you stand for, why you are different, and most importantly—how your wares will make their lives better— there is no sale. Instead, on Day 4 let’s map a path to clear and effortless conversations.
  • I just don’t like sales
    You and me both. If the approach is reminiscent of a sleazy snake oil salesman, there is very little to like. If you are better, more likable, and offer way more than your competitors then you should have more sales. But if they outsell you on every step, I want you to step into the mindset that is required to shift from selling to solving problems. I’ll tell you how that works on Day 5.
  • What should I charge?
    This is a biggie. If you ask too little, you hurt your bottom line. If you charge too much, you lose the sale. Or maybe you got caught in the dollar-for-time pricing model that is just not scalable. Because when you run out of time, you hit your income cap. Understanding the elements that go into pricing and designing value-based packages that your clients want to buy (and that are incomparable to your competitors’) is the pricing strategy you want. On Day 6, let’s get you started on the first steps.
  • Taking action and closing more
    Everything is a learnable skill, including sales strategies. What makes the entire packaging, pricing, and closing conversation so easy is a deep understanding of your clients. It requires you to take action and apply some of the simple sales strategies of the 5 Star Success Blueprint. The first step to closing more is to take action. And you can start with my $ales Made $imple Facebook Challenge.

The 7-Day Facebook Challenge

Here’s how the complimentary $ales Made $imple Facebook Challenge works:

  • Join this link to the private Facebook group today. This group will be closed after the challenge.
  • Beginning August 1st, there will be daily sales challenges designed for you to overhaul and fine tune your approach to sales.
  • Every day at 10 AM PST / 1 PM EST we will meet on Facebook live for 20-30 minutes. The Facebook live video will be available for replay.
  • You will receive an interactive handout to follow along.
  • On August 7th we’ll meet for 60 minutes to recap and evaluate your next steps implementation strategy.

How to Package, Price, and Offer Your Services

Someone once told me that she felt she was the pearl in the oyster. I wished her good luck waiting for a diver! That’s not a strategy that works.

No matter how well your business is doing, there is always room to grow—to improve what you offer and how you offer it. On whether you want to sell more, finally get a handle on your comfort level with sales, or are looking for a few strategies you can implement to close more, I invite you to take action and join the challenge. Let’s focus on how to package, price, and confidently offer what your clients want to buy! In 7 days, you can position your offer for maximum impact in Q3 and Q4.

Lastly, in my signature style, I’ll just come out and say this… Please only register if you want more sales and you understand it requires engagement on your part. I give you the tools, implementation is up to you. I am a trainer, we’ll do this together, and yes, it’s work. If you could do it alone, you would be already. But, while it is work, sales can be simple if you follow the strategies I’ll outline in the challenge.

Join the 7-Day Challenge Facebook Group Today

Let’s grow!



Beate Chelette is the Founder of The Women’s Code and serves as the Programming Chair for the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO-LA). Once $135,000 in debt and a single mother, she successfully sold her business to Bill Gates in a multi-million dollar deal.

Beate’s supports Business Owners and organizations who want to reach them two-fold. As The Growth Architect she creates training, outreach and sponsorship programs through customized Entrepreneur skills training following the 5 Star Success Blueprint that shows step-by-step how to grow, build and scale businesses.

In addition Beate provides leadership development programs for organizations that want to implement the ROI of Balanced Leadership through The Women’s Code, her signature system that educates leaders and helps companies achieve gender equality. The Women’s Code creates and implements programs that improve organizational culture, foster productive work environments and help companies improve their people ROI.

Beate is a respected speaker and mentor and is the author of the #1 International Amazon Bestseller “Happy Woman Happy World – How to Go From Overwhelmed to Awesome”, a book that corporate trainer and best-selling author Brian Tracy calls “a handbook for every woman who wants health, success and a fulfilling career.”

If you’d like to book Beate as a speaker on Leadership or Entrepreneurship for your next event please connect here.

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