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No exceptions! You need to hear this one. There has been so much feedback about this Podcast that it deserves to be shouted it from the rooftop!

What did you think? A few of my favorite comments are below:

I am a loyal listener of Unmistakable Creative. As a single womanwho lives alone on the remote side of an island, it is one of many balms for my lonely soul!

I had to write to you because so many topics came up in your interview yesterday that made me stop in my tracks and listen again. In fact, I ended up listening to the episode three times — in a row –not my normal M.O.! Another new thing is writing to the guest.

The timing of your episode – and the current state of my life – was perfect. Thank you for being a successful woman who inspires others and cares! – Judy F.
Wow! You have blown me away with your knowledge, life experience, story, truth, and synchronicity. I felt so many times that you were talking about me. Where I have been, where I am now, and hopefully where I will be in the future… I was just at the gym listening to the podcast and I was crying because you struck such a powerful chord.

I understand what you mean about pulling in wealth and having a responsibility to others and being a shining example. I want that so much. I felt it in me as a child. What 11-year-old thinks, “One day I’ll grow up and my story will help people.”? I want to show people what’s possible and I know I’m on the edge of breakthrough. – Thalia S.

The thing you said that really struck a cord in me was, “Do you want to be a best-kept secret and broke?” It was a reminder that it is time for me to make that move to implementation. – Loi L.

Load the episode on your phone and give yourself 30-45 minutes. I promise it will be worth it!

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