Most people have worked with someone who views themselves as a fantastic communicator. When, in reality, no one understands their directions, they leave the team confused about the next steps, and create an overall culture of frustration. You don’t want to be that person, and the good news is that there are three easy steps you can take to start overcoming ineffective communication today.

Make Context Clear

To communicate effectively, never assume that someone knows the context – you must show them the North Star – the overall idea, so they understand where you are going. When you take the time to communicate the overall vision, it allows others to know where they fit into the overall picture. This is important because it removes confusion and barriers to accomplishing goals. When a person is only given a small piece of information, they lose connection to the overarching goal you are trying to accomplish. Taking that extra minute or two to place work into context increases their knowledge of the project and the importance of their role in achieving the overall objectives.

Clarify Next Steps

Each time you communicate, your goal should always be clarity. One way to accomplish this is to think sequentially in a “what next” formula. When you assign a task, make it clear what their next step should be when they complete their current one. Making the next steps crystal clear allows others to ask clarifying questions, and it takes the guesswork out of expectations. This is important because it reveals other areas in the steps that may have gotten overlooked. When working with a team, this step works best by communicating with the group simultaneously. Sharing information this way keeps everyone in the loop and allows others to understand pivotal pieces of information that they may need to be successful. When clarity is the goal, it eliminates confusion.

Ensure Everyone Has The Tools They Need

Never be afraid to ask questions. When goals and tasks have been communicated, it is imperative to ask if everyone has the tools they need to accomplish their role. One way you can ensure understanding is to have them repeat the task back to you in their own words. If they cannot articulate the task, then pieces of information need to be explained differently. 


Keep in mind that most people are eager to complete a task effectively and want to do things the right way. Chances are that if they don’t accomplish their job, they don’t understand the expectations. One of the best ways to combat this problem and set them up for success is to make sure that you check for understanding at the very beginning of the project. When you are the holder of knowledge, and your team only knows a small portion of what is going on, it is a recipe for miscommunication, failure, and frustration. 


If you are not seeing the success in your business that you want to see, consider how effectively you are communicating with your team. At the Growth Architect, we want to help you be successful and support you with the tools, processes, systems, and mapping to help you follow the path to be more successful. If you want to know more about communicating effectively, check out my video – let’s grow!




Beate Chelette is The Growth Architect & Founder of The Women’s Code, a training company specialized in providing companies an ROI on Balanced Leadership. She has been named one of 50 must-follow women entrepreneurs by the Huffington Post. A first-generation immigrant who found herself $135,000 in debt as a single parent, she bootstrapped her passion for photography into a highly successful global business and eventually sold it to Bill Gates in a multimillion-dollar deal.

Beate works with business leaders and supports organizations by developing and providing training the training, tools, and expertise to create and maintain a balanced, equal, and inclusive work environment that fosters creativity, employee engagement, and corporate growth.

Recent clients include Merck, Women’s Legislative Caucus of California, Cal State University Dominguez Hills, Small Business Development Centers (SBDC), NFTE, CreativeLive, the Association of Corporate Growth, and TracyLocke.

Beate is the author of the #1 International Amazon Bestseller “Happy Woman Happy World – How to Go From Overwhelmed to Awesome” a book that corporate trainer and best-selling author Brian Tracy calls “a handbook for every woman who wants health, success and a fulfilling career.

To book Beate to speak or train please connect here. Your Time Is Valuable!

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