The recent Women Business Owner conference I attended brought in a speaker about programming. But she didn’t talk about computer programming. Instead, the topic was the programming that we subconsciously buy into because we’ve been raised that way. Call it an internal belief system or the radar by which we judge what is right and what isn’t, the point is that we are pre-programmed to believe some things are possible while other things are not.

What is the difference between “It can’t be done” and “How are we going to do it?”

It’s really simple. The first statement makes it impossible whereas the second statement assumes there must be a solution. Which of the two do you believe in?

The judgments we make consciously and subconsciously are many:

  • Flat shoes are sensible. High heels are sexy.
  • Too much cleavage means she’s trying too hard. Not enough means she’s a prude.
  • Introverted people are shy and insecure. Bold and boisterous ones aren’t afraid of anything.

The list goes on. Think red lipstick. Good posture. A big smile. A wrinkled face. Age spots. Shoes worn off… What are your judgments?

Regardless of whether or not you agree with these judgments, one thing is for certain: bad judgments can make us feel insecure.

Confidence can only come from within. The amount of confidence you feel directly affects your ability to make money. Luckily, confidence can be learned. That’s why I have asked two special Master Teachers to join me for Your Business MC and share with you their insights on confidence and cash.

Master Teacher Shalini Vadhera

Shalini Vadhera and John Crestani couldn’t be more different and yet more aligned. Both are dedicated to making other people feel more confident and then translate that confidence into being more successful.

Shalini Vadhera’s global influence with women stems from her entrepreneurial passion to build companies and create products that empower women. She rose from a background in jewelry and fashion and then ventured to celebrity makeup artistry, to best-selling author of Passport To Beauty, to favorite guest of Dr. Oz, Today, and The View, to the founder of a $21 million dollar global cosmetics company.

Armed with an international business degree and a passion for beauty, Vadhera launched her makeup career at the top with her big break working on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno before earning a reputation as a global beauty and lifestyle expert. She enjoys frequent work with Donny Deutsch, E!, The Today Show, The Doctors, Fox News, and Revlon.

In 2005, Vadhera founded the makeup brand Global Goddess Beauty (in her garage, no less) and found instant success in Sephora and QVC. That success catapulted the brand to a $21 million dollar valuation. Her products are sold from Nordstrom to Victoria’s Secret and she was the recipient of the Beauty “O-Ward”.

Vadhera experienced a life-changing and spiritual awakening moment when her car was struck by lightning and energy shot through her entire body and brain. In the aftermath she was inspired to launch her next global brand Power Beauty Living. The goal of this endeavor is to create an environment for women and girls to be mentored, guided, and set up for success in business, beauty, and life. Through workshops, products, and events, Power Beauty Living equips women with a toolkit to reach their highest potentials while feeling and looking beautiful from the inside out.

You can’t make this stuff up, I swear. This powerhouse possesses true beauty that exudes throughout her entire being.

Master Teacher John Crestani

Next is a pretty unusual man who is so successful and low-key that you want to corner him, hand him an IPA, and beg him to tell you how he does it. John Crestani is the CEO and product architect of Pendragon Labs, a virtual-reality education company, and founder of Nutryst, a health supplement distribution company.

The goals of Pendragon Labs and Nutryst revolve around Crestani’s vision to change the learning and nutritional habits of people around the world. His goals include enabling more internet entrepreneurs to be successful through innovative, rapid-learning programs, and more efficient distribution networks for natural health supplements to reach consumers.

He has envisioned a virtual reality university in which students have an outcome-oriented syllabus and achieve their desired outcomes 10 times faster than at traditional universities. Crestani predicts that all commerce in the future will be done digitally through what will be called “affiliation agreements.”

When not working, he spends free time with his wife, traveling, kite surfing, and skiing.

Crestani was recently featured on Forbes, Business Insider, Fox News, and was named one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs under 35.

I am proud to call these inspiring entrepreneurs my friends. To learn how they turn confidence into cash and to receive a big boost of confidence for yourself, please join us on November 2-3-4 for a FREE Master Course.

To learn more and to register for the course, please go to this link:

At her lowest point, Beate Chelette was $135,000 in debt, a single mother, and forced to leave her home. Only 18 months later, she sold her image licensing business to Bill Gates in a multimillion dollar deal. Chelette is a nationally known ‘gender decoder’ who has appeared in over 60 radio shows, respected speaker, career coach, consummate creative entrepreneur, and author of Happy Woman Happy World. Beate is also the founder of The Women’s Code, a unique guide to women leadership and personal and career success that offers a new code of conduct for today’s business, private, and digital worlds. Determined to build a community of women supporting each other, she took her life-changing formula documented it all in a book Brian Tracy calls “an amazing handbook for every woman who wants health, happiness, love and success!”

Through her corporate initiative “Why Acting Like a Girl Is Good For Business” she helps companies with gender diversification training, and to develop and retain women.

If you’d like to book Beate as a speaker on New Leadership Balance or Creative Entrepreneurship for your next event please connect with me.

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