Let’s face it, a good relationship, raising kids, a successful business—everything worthwhile in life—is work. A lot of work. If you spend much of your days complaining about how hard it is or how little you get from it (emotionally and financially) then it’s pretty clear—you are most likely burnt out, bored, or broke and no longer excited about your career. Time to ask yourself why the passion has left and start figuring out what’s next.

We know these are trying times for the photography industry and everything outside of your realm of control changes and evolves without your permission. It always has and always will. It would be great if our clients wanted the same things year after year and if our equipment and software were always as current as when we bought it. And a little friendly competition is fine, of course, but it seems like anyone with a phone can call himself a “professional” and somehow get clients. So, is doing what you’ve always done going to get you what you always got? In this case, it’s a resounding NO.

Uh oh. That sounds like change, and change is scary, right? Most of us are apprehensive when it comes to change yet we all admit we must continuously reinvent ourselves and our businesses to stay competitive.

Reinvention is necessary when the same old isn’t working anymore. Sometimes the old house has to be torn down so the new and improved one can be built.

Do you still enjoy your work? Is there a part of your business that you absolutely love, and another part that you loathe? If you still find pleasure in what you do but struggle with some areas, then you need to make some significant changes. You have to evolve with the business climate so you can do what you love AND make money. Maybe it’s time to inject new life into your services or shuffle your team in order to produce a better product or service. And if you don’t yet have a team, now may be the time to find someone who can take care of the tasks you’d prefer not to do.

The truth is, change is great after it’s done and you are looking back wondering why you waited so long. However, the process can be frustrating, if not emotionally painful. Sometimes we might wonder if we have enough courage to make it through to the other side. So how do you get to where you want to be from where you are now with grace and ease?

It’s time to stop thinking you can’t. It’s time to shift your thought pattern from negative to positive, from despair to hopeful excitement.

Reinvention is necessary if you want to stay relevant in a creative career. And if you are not overly excited at the prospect of change or having to adjust yet again, think about it this way…

By making the conscious choice to be part of the way business is reinventing itself, you give yourself the opportunity to play a part in the change and not be left behind as a helpless victim. This is the difference between someone with hope and someone who quits before giving change a chance. Focus on being at the other side looking back as you enjoy your career even more.

What are some of the ways you’ve reinvented yourself or your business? I’d love to hear from you!

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