Dear Brilliant Woman,

There’s a shocking new study on women and money, in the workplace:

According to AAUW, women will get paid equally as the men (who do the same jobs as you)…

(are you sitting down?)

…in just another 124 years. That’s right women, we’re “just” another one hundred and twenty four years from pay equality!

What happened to the equal pay act J.F.K. signed back in ’63?!

We made great strides over the past 40 years, but in the last ten years women’s pay (compared with men’s) has virtually STOPPED moving.

You need to know why this is happening, so it doesn’t happen to you. Read about it here.

Sadly, this is just ONE of the urgent issues for women not just in corporate America but everywhere today… Which is why I am sharing this with my trusted PhotoBizCoach tribe.

You know there are two things I care deeply about. One is helping Creative Entrepreneurs like you to get their businesses to flourish and the other is to help women to step up, show up, and get noticed (and paid) in a big way.

Today I need your help. I am launching a corporate training division based on the principles I outlined about women Leadership in my book Happy Woman Happy World.

Because we can fix the issues of disparity in pay, and more recognition of women leaders with the knowledge I share (for free) in my new Insights white paper:

Anyone in a corporate environment can use the information in my white paper and add easily six figures to your career. And, C-Level Executives should read this, too. That is how they can add big $$ to their bottom line.

To spread my message I need your help. After all many of you know friends, family, or your daughters who are struggling to make it ahead as women in the workplace. Please forward this information to all of them, and the business leaders in your circles. Simply send them to the page for the free download.

Nobody should go to work again, before reading the most important white paper of 2015. Here is the download again.

To Your Success,


p.s. – This is easily the most exciting work I’ve done! What we are doing is nothing short of revolutionizing the way corporations think, based on how they treat the invaluable women in their ranks!

p.p.s. – And a “small” spoiler: there’s a BIG benefit in the insights paper for how men can benefit from treating women better in the boardroom. Go read it now and please forward to all business leaders in HR, and Learning & Development departments:

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