I feel it, too. That squeezing pressure of too many photographers doing the same thing without enough money going around to make it viable for anyone. It’s as though a finite amount of work keeps getting divided amongst an ever-growing number of photographers. There is not only more competition, but they are willing to do it for less—and that means you have to be willing, too. But you’re in this industry because you love it and being a starving artist has a certain poetic dignity. Right?

Wrong. Worrying about paying your bills and perpetually postponing vacations is no fun at all. I know, I’ve been there.

So how can you continue following your passion AND be able to say yes to more fun? It’s all about differentiating yourself. You have to step away from the crowd and sell something unique. And what could possibly be more unique than YOU?

In today’s world of marketing and sales, you’re selling so much more than just your product or service. You are selling yourself. Your image. Your reputation.

How to Build Your Authority Platform
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The market for creative services has changed dramatically in the last decade and it is your responsibility to know how to reach clients and build lasting, deep relationships. You can no longer rely on your talent alone to build a business. It’s your job to tell your story and make a compelling case to your peers and clients for why you and your business are the best in class.

One of the most effective ways to grow your business and audience of potential customers is by being a respected authority in your industry. Make yourself an expert and become known for giving out compelling, useful, complimentary advice that helps your target customers achieve their goals.

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