In this episode of the “Business Growth Architect Show” we are featuring David Galbenski and his key ideas around confronting life-threatening health challenges with a mindset of abundance, appreciating every moment, and maintaining ‘realistic positivity.’


David shares his personal journey dealing with a severe health diagnosis, focusing on how he chose to shift into an abundance mindset, treasuring every moment, and capitalizing on the chance to create impactful experiences. 


He discusses the concept of ‘realistic positivity,’ which he coined after being inspired by Jim Collins’ book “Good to Great” and Admiral Stockdale’s story, emphasizing the balance between confronting brutal facts while never losing faith in a positive outcome.

David’s story illustrates his commitment to making every ordinary moment into a special ‘Moment’ with a capital ‘M’ by understanding statistics but still remaining grounded in the present and controlling what he can. Simple because he didn’t know how many more Moments he would have.


 This resilience and determination allowed David to not only survive but also serve a greater purpose through his work with the Living Liver Foundation and the Global School of Entrepreneurship.





What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • David’s entrepreneurial journey is marked by a life-threatening diagnosis and how found resilience to continual growth and adapting to change
  • Throughout his career, he has actively chosen transformational influence over transactional influence, striving to enact meaningful and lasting impact in his endeavors.
  • Leadership plays a central role in Galbenski’s philosophy and approach; he emphasizes the importance of leading by example and empowering others.
  • His own experience as a living liver transplant recipient has profoundly shaped his perspective on life and his drive to contribute to the well-being of others.
  • David takes his second chance at life seriously by paying forward his gift of life, significantly investing in initiatives that can save and improve lives.


Time Stamps:

00:54 – Encouraging entrepreneur-focused growth
04:03 – Positivity in facing life-threatening challenges
04:52 – Choosing to live with abundance
05:11 – Treating moments as capital ‘Moments’
06:33 – Adopting realistic positivity against brutal facts
07:26 – Understanding statistics and controlling what you can
13:24 – Promoting awareness of living organ donation
15:26 – Shifting from transactional to transformational influence


Resources Mentioned:

David Galbenski: Website | Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram | Twitter


Ideas Worth Sharing:

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