In this episode of Business Growth Architect Show” with Adam Matalon, an Emmy award-winning TV Executive Producer and creative storyteller. The episode revolves around the theme of unleashing the power of creativity and explores various aspects of creativity, its discovery, utilization, and value.


Throughout the episode, Adam emphasizes the importance of challenging the status quo and disrupting traditional thinking patterns through a creative approach. He encourages you to look at problems from different angles, above and below, and to embrace innovation and adaptation as keys to survival. Adam also highlights the value of embracing individuality in thought leadership and the power of revealing personal stories to create authentic connections.


The interview touches on the role of meditation, specifically through walking and yoga, in finding creativity and disconnecting from the noise of everyday life. Adam shares his  insights on the fear of judgment and the need to overcome it in order to fully express oneself creatively.


Learn Adam’s tips on how to captivate audiences through powerful presentations. Adam emphasizes the importance of charming your audience, leaving a lasting impact. One of his practical tips is for presenters to discard conventional perspectives and norms, and instead, start with a compelling story.


Adam Matalon’s expertise and passion for creativity and storytelling are a powerful reminder that when you tap into your own creative potential you can get more done and your audience will be more likely to engage with your message.





What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Adam shares how to unleash creativity and thinking outside the box.
  • Adam believes in the power of authenticity and storytelling. He emphasizes the value of revealing personal experiences and connecting with others on a deeper level through genuine storytelling.
  • Adam emphasizes the importance of adaptation and innovation for survival in today’s rapidly changing world.
  • He believes in challenging the status quo and disrupting traditional thinking patterns. Adam encourages individuals to question norms and explore new possibilities, leading to breakthrough ideas and solutions.
  • Adam highlights the importance of disconnecting so that you can find your creativity within. He encourages you to take time for yourself, engage in activities like meditation, walking, and yoga, which can help stimulate creativity and enhance overall well-being.


Time Stamps:

00:04:31 Unveiling the Creative Disconnect: How to Help Organizations Rediscover Their Artistic Spirit
00:07:35 Why Am I Doing This? Unraveling the Depths of Creativity and Purpose
00:10:19 Captivating Customers: Saving Money and Creating Engagement – The Key to Winning Them Over!
00:13:48 Unlocking Creativity: Embracing Uncommon Words and Unplugging from the World
00:18:19 Why is it So Hard to Stick to Our Plans? Exploring the Challenges of Meditation and Self-Discipline
00:20:06 Hobbies for Self-Discovery: My Unexpected Spiritual Oasis
00:24:06 Unlocking the Future: Navigating AI and the Path to True Thought Leadership
00:27:21 The Limitations of AI: What Robots Can’t Replace
00:30:08 Unleashing Innovation: With Pitching Sliced Bread!
00:32:21 Unveiling the Hidden Influences: Unlocking the Secrets to Success
00:36:24 From Fearless to Fearful: Rediscovering Courage When You Feel You are Being Swallowed by the Machine


Resources Mentioned:

Adam Matalon: Website | Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn


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Individuality in thought leadership is essential for standing out and making a meaningful impact in your industry. - Adam Matalon Click To Tweet Adaptation and innovation are key to survival in today's rapidly changing business landscape. - Adam Matalon Click To Tweet Don't be afraid to challenge the status quo and disrupt traditional thinking patterns. That's where true creativity thrives. - Adam Matalon Click To Tweet


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