This episode of the “Business Growth Architect Show” podcast with Robyn Graham is for everyone who doesn’t love using social media. Robyn is a successful business owner and branding expert and she likes to keep things simple when it comes to business strategies while making sure your goals and values match up. In our chat, she shares some great tips on how to find hidden opportunities and succeed in any market without using social media.


She also shares her personal decision to incorporate her faith into her business brand. This is important for you, if you are guided by a strong belief and wonder if it is possible to use that successfully in your business. Hint: It is. 


Robyn’s advice is pretty straightforward: you need to keep things clear and ask the right questions, so you don’t get distracted by things that won’t help your business. We talk about how so many business owners often get off track by not staying focused on their ideal customers and falling for the wrong advice. She shares one example that demonstrates how important it is to stick to what really matches your business goals.


Throughout our talk, Robyn drives home the notion that simple is best. She says business owners should keep their plans uncomplicated and not make things more complex than they need to be. By sticking to your values and goals, you can stop spinning your wheels searching for answers and focus on finding hidden opportunities instead. Get ready to learn some valuable business lessons from Robyn Graham!


This episode is for anyone who likes to keep things simple and not make it unnecessarily complex.





What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Robyn believes in the power of simplicity and emphasizes its importance in achieving success.
  • Robyn explores how you can incorporate your belief into your brand and use it as a success factor.
  • Robyn emphasizes the need to identify and target your ideal client, rather than trying to appeal to everyone.
  • She warns against getting caught up in unnecessary complexities and advises focusing on what truly matters for you and the business.
  • Robyn highlights the importance of aligning business strategies with personal values and goals.


Time Stamps:

00:00:00 The Importance Of Knowing Your Ideal Client And Differentiating Yourself
00:04:19 Faith-Fueled Business: Tapping into the Holy Spirit for Success
00:09:01 Embracing Struggles and Faith: The Key to Business Growth and Personal Branding
00:16:40 Unlocking Success: The Power of Mindset, Strategy, and Action in Online Courses
00:18:59 Mindset, Belief, or Strategy: Which is the Key to Entrepreneurial Success?
00:22:28 Cutting Through the Noise: Simplifying Your Business for Success
00:24:33 Uncovering the Hidden Problems: The Client Conundrum
00:27:40 Building Trust and Getting Results: The Power of Blogging and Testimonials in Your Business
00:32:55 Unlocking Hidden Opportunities: Discover Robin Graham’s Simplicity-Driven Path to Success


Resources Mentioned:

Robyn Graham: Website | Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn


Ideas Worth Sharing:

Understanding the problem is the first step towards finding the right solution. - Robyn Graham Click To Tweet Be driven by intuition and align your business strategy with what resonates with you. - Robyn Graham Click To Tweet Identify the real problem before taking action. More clients may not be the actual issue. - Robyn Graham Click To Tweet


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