This episode of “The Business Growth Architect Show” is my treat to you. I spoke to bestselling author and the host of the “Soul of Business” podcast Blaine Bartlett from Avatar Resources. In this episode we focus on what the nature of having soul in your business is, and what it means to be a soulful leader. 


Blaine shares why prioritizing high-quality relationships at work, at home, and with oneself matter. We are going deep into mindset, spirituality, and how that affects your success potential. Blaine also discusses the power of language in shaping your reality. 


One of the key pieces Blaine emphasizes is the need for intentional leadership and the power of taking action especially with what is going on right now. He encourages listeners to let go of expectations and focus on what they truly want. Blaine shares where you can access tools related to leadership and personal growth for free.


This episode offers valuable insights into the mindset and strategies needed to succeed in business while maintaining a soulful approach. Blaine Bartlett’s expertise and wisdom make this interview worth checking out for anyone interested in going beyond traditional marketing and sales advice but want to incorporate success principles for personal and professional growth.





What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Blaine emphasizes that everyone can be on the path to leadership. He believes that no one is excluded from this journey, and even when things seem lost, there is always a way forward.
  • Blaine discusses the power of change from within and overcoming mindset challenges in organizations.
  • Blaine delves into the consequences of wealth disparity, going beyond economic models.
  • Blaine expresses support for young people seeking work-life balance and advocating for change in leadership.
  • Blaine emphasizes the power of taking action and avoiding a victim mentality. He encourages individuals to proactively pursue their goals and take responsibility for their own success.

Time Stamps:

00:01:49 Bringing Excitement And Leadership Into Systems And Strategies
00:03:47 The Power Of Personal Ideals And Compassionate Business Practices
00:08:22 What is The Purpose Of Your Business: Profit Or Thriving On The Planet?
00:11:31 The Shifting Business Landscape: An Inflection Point
00:14:08 The Personal Responsibility Of Being The Solution For Positive Change
00:18:01 Three Scenarios For Success And Abundance
00:20:52 The Power Of Internal Conversations And Unintended Consequences
00:22:40 The Power Of Language And Self-perception: Recognizing Victim Mindset And Its Impact
00:26:12 The Struggle To Be Right: The Fallacy Of Belief Systems
00:29:53 Grateful For The Already-happened Arrival Of Abundance
00:31:00 Manifesting Your Desires Through Frequency And Polarity
00:34:22 The Path To Leadership


Resources Mentioned:

Blaine Bartlett: Website | LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


Ideas Worth Sharing:

The power of taking action and avoiding a victim mentality can truly transform your life and leadership. - Blaine Bartlett Click To Tweet Supporting young people in finding work-life balance and embracing change in leadership is vital for their personal and professional growth. - Blaine Bartlett Click To Tweet Language has the power to shape and reflect our reality. Choose your words wisely and use them to inspire, motivate, and create positive change. - Blaine Bartlett Click To Tweet


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