In this episode of the “Business Growth Architect Show” podcast, we spoke to Jeff Hays, who went from High School dropout to acclaimed filmmaker, writer, and author. He is no stranger to controversy or tough subjects and the Entrepreneurial Brain behind the documentary “The Real Anthony Fauci” and “Fahrenhype.”  In this episode we explore how an entrepreneurial brain works differently, which will make you understand better why you do the things you do. The Entrepreneurial Brain is also the title of his new book and a new TV series that I am thrilled to have been featured in. The book is out and I will be sharing access information for the TV series as it gets released, just wait until you see the company I get to keep! Jeff shares his research and experiences, offering insights on how to stop feeling that there is something wrong with you but to own that your brain is just wired differently.


Throughout the episode, Jeff emphasizes the importance of embracing your creative potential and challenging your limiting beliefs. He discusses the creative process and how you must face your fears and doubts because it is a critical portion of creation. Jeff also highlights the significance of mentorship, coaching, and creating a supportive environment for harnessing the power of the entrepreneurial brain.


Next we talked about the concept of achieving greatness and how it can only be achieved by pushing through obstacles and taking risks. Creativity stems from challenging your own thoughts and having the courage to push through them into new territories. Jeff shared an anecdote about King Arthur’s knights and their quest to blaze new trails, drawing parallels to your entrepreneurial journey.


This is a powerful episode for any creative who is seeking to find a monetization idea for their creative talent, is facing adversity and wants to find a way to overcome major obstacles to unlock their full entrepreneurial potential. Jeff Hayes’ expertise and experiences shows how to turn the obstacle into an opportunity.



What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Jeff’s expertise lies in understanding the hidden power of the entrepreneurial brain. He believes that many creatives often feel discouraged due to common beliefs that there is no money to be made in creativity.
  • Jeff focuses on the entrepreneurial brain and how it can be leveraged for success. He debunks the myth that if you’ve been told that you have ADD or ADHD you may feel like your brain is “broken,” when in reality, it is just wired differently.
  • Jeff emphasizes the importance of providing opportunities, mentorship, and coaching to creators and founders who have an “Entrepreneurial Brain.”
  • Jeff believes in pushing boundaries and thinking outside the box. He is drawn to visionary thought leadership ideas and encourages bold and innovative thinking.
  • Jeff explains his creative process and the fears and worries that always accompany how he approaches projects.

Time Stamps:

00:00:00 The Entrepreneurial Brain: Debunking The Myth Of A Broken Mind
00:01:33 From High School Dropout to Acclaimed Filmmaker: Embracing Your Uniqueness
00:09:40 Unlocking Your Inner Strength: Confronting Fear and Embracing Growth
00:16:17 From Groupie to Entrepreneur: Unveiling the Creation of ‘The Entrepreneurial Brain’ Book and Series
00:21:53 Unconventional Minds Unite: In the Company of Visionaries like Elon Musk and Steve Jobs
00:29:06 Unleashing Your Inner Accelerator: Finding Your Flow and Ignoring the Naysayers


Resources Mentioned:

Jeff Hays: Website | LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook


Ideas Worth Sharing:

Innovation and progress require thinking beyond the status quo and challenging existing information. - Jeff Hays Click To Tweet The creative process requires both excitement and the fear of failure, as they fuel the drive to excel. - Jeff Hays Click To Tweet Follow the call and give yourself permission to do things that haven't been done before, even if others call you nuts. - Jeff Hays Click To Tweet


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