In this episode of the Business Growth Architect Show, with Benjamin Friedman, the founder and president of Build Scale Grow. This episode focuses on the topic of scaling a business despite fear and uncertainty. Benjamin shares insights on the mindset, skill set, and practical actions that entrepreneurs can take to navigate uncertainty and achieve growth.


Benjamin discussed the importance of clarity and saying no for business focus. Benjamin emphasizes the need to have a clear understanding of the value of one’s time and the value provided in the business. He shares his own experience of making changes to the podcast’s video editing process to enhance its appeal and align it with the business goals. Benjamin also encourages entrepreneurs to learn to say no more often in order to stay focused on what truly matters.


Overall, this episode provides valuable insights and practical advice for entrepreneurs looking to scale their businesses despite fear and uncertainty. Benjamin Friedman’s expertise and experiences offer a fresh perspective on navigating challenges and achieving growth in the ever-changing business landscape.



What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Benjamin emphasizes the importance of having a proactive mindset and a strong fit between founders and their business in order to navigate uncertain markets successfully.
  • Benjamin explains why you need to be ready to change your skills and actions as your business grows. What got you here won’t necessarily get you there, and you as the leader must be open to developing new skill sets and adopting data-driven approaches.
  • Benjamin highlights the importance of prioritizing tasks, delegating responsibilities, and implementing processes to streamline operations.
  • He encourages a growth mindset, where continuous learning and improvement are prioritized.
  • Benjamin points out the importance of setting short-term goals and constantly evaluating progress.

Time Stamps:

00:00:00 Scaling Despite Fear And Uncertainty: Insights From Benjamin Friedman On The Business Growth Architect Show
00:06:17 Adapting To Uncertainty: The Power Of Mindset In A Changing Market
00:07:43 Strategic Planning: The Importance Of Setting Short-term Goals
00:13:05 Finding Success Through Targeted Audience Campaigns
00:18:30 Four Specific Ideas For Building A Successful Business In Uncertain Times
00:21:36 The Importance Of Saying No To Distractions In Business Growth
00:24:10 Balancing Long-term Process Creation And Immediate Profit Generation
00:26:58 Evaluating The Financial Viability And Value Of A Podcast



Resources Mentioned:

Benjamin Friedman: Website | LinkedIn | Instagram


Ideas Worth Sharing:

Hyperactivity delegation and constant communication won't be effective strategies for reaching the next milestone in your business. - Benjamin Friedman Click To Tweet It's important to assess the value and viability of different aspects of your business, including podcasts, in uncertain times. - Benjamin Friedman Click To Tweet Effective time management and energy optimization are key for business growth. - Benjamin Friedman Click To Tweet


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