In this episode of “Business Growth Architect Show” with Donna Lagow, the Director of Client Operations at Uncommon Logic. Donna shares valuable insights on how to build a strong company culture that fosters growth and happiness within the team. 


Donna emphasizes the importance of creating a dynamic environment that unveils the true potential via a concept that she calls high-pressure brainstorm sessions. She then reveals how you can cultivate an atmosphere where individuals feel comfortable and empowered to contribute their ideas, so that your teams can generate innovative solutions even under tight deadlines. 


One intriguing aspect Donna mentions is how they actively look for employees who had personal obstacles to overcome at Uncommon Logic. Listen to her reasoning how tough experiences shape their resilience and ability to handle stress, making them even more valuable assets to the company. 


This episode was designed to give you insights into building a strong company culture that promotes growth and happiness within the team. Donna Lagow’s expertise and experiences provide actionable strategies for business owners and leaders to create an environment that fosters innovation, attracts the right talent, and drives success.



What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Donna emphasizes the importance of understanding who your right employees are and how to conduct thorough research within your organization before seeking external candidates.
  • Donna highlights the significance of building a strong company culture and shares her top tips for achieving this.
  • Donna showcases their proudest metric which is crushing retention goals and she provides insights on how you can achieve this within your team.
  • Donna believes that individuals who have faced significant adversity in their lives often possess valuable qualities such as resilience and problem-solving skills that make them a desirable employee.
  • Donna suggests that individuals who solely rely on their educational qualifications, such as a Bachelor’s degree, may not possess the same level of resilience and problem-solving abilities as those who have faced adversity.

Time Stamps:

00:00:00 Emphasizing Creativity And Mindset In Hiring Process
00:04:41 Innovative Problem Solvers: The Secret to Building a Successful Team
00:07:19 Resilience: The X-Factor in Hiring for Success
00:10:30 Creating a High-Energy Environment: Unleashing Creativity in the Chaos of a Brainstorm Session
00:12:10 Creating the Perfect Interview Environment: Finding the Right Fit for Your Business
00:15:53 Unlocking Hidden Opportunities: Hiring the Right People with Donna Lago
00:18:27 Building a Dream Team: Impacting People and Uncovering Hidden Values
00:19:42 Fueling a Culture of Character: Creating Lasting Impact Inside and Outside the Organization
00:25:29 Building a Strong Foundation: How Cultural Alignment Shapes Our Partnership Selection Process
00:29:26 Connect with Donna Leggo and Uncommon Logic for Exciting Digital Marketing Opportunities!



Resources Mentioned:

Donna Lagow: Website | LinkedIn | Instagram


Ideas Worth Sharing:

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