Get ready for an exciting new episode of the “Business Growth Architect Show”! We’re joined by Tyler Pigott, and we’re diving into the fascinating world of how people perceive your business and how businesses communicate to their customers. 


Think about it: what you believe about yourself is one thing and what others think about you is often another thing. If you understand that disconnect you can totally change how well you do in business. Tyler shows us how super clear messages and a really good website can make your marketing messaging awesome and specific to them. He’s also pointing out that talking about your brand in a way that makes customers feel special is super important, and giving you insights on the things you should never say.


We’re giving you behind the scenes tips that you can use in your business to get better at talking to your customers. It’s all about making what you offer match what your customers really want. Plus, we’re unlocking the magic of storytelling and revealing a simple 7-part way to make any story interesting.


This episode is like a treasure hunt into the world of how people think, how businesses talk, and how to make it all work together. Don’t miss it – it’s like a backstage pass to becoming a messaging master for your business!




What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Tyler talks about the significance of nailing a simple core message in marketing. Tyler believes that creating a clear and impactful message is essential for businesses to stand out and effectively communicate with their audience.
  • Tyler addresses a common pain point for creatives and entrepreneurs, which is the struggle of conveying what they’re actually doing.
  • Tyler highlights the importance of challenging clients on their narrow level of knowledge in your field of expertise.
  • Tyler encourages brainstorming and providing value to clients. He believes in giving away ideas and helping businesses improve to create a better version of their desired work life.
  • Tyler’s episode focuses on the power and impact of clear messaging in marketing. He discusses how businesses often miss the mark with their messaging, leading to ineffective ad campaigns and wasted marketing spend.

Time Stamps:

00:03:16 The Complexity Of Starting A Business And Solving Problems
00:09:16 Understanding Customers And Meeting Their Needs
00:14:10 Identifying And Solving Sales And Marketing Pain Points
00:16:58 The Art Of Pushing Back On Clients
00:19:40 A Reluctant Guarantee: Doubts And Accountability
00:23:16 Nailing The Message: Building A Source Of Truth For Client Happiness
00:25:47 Technical Difficulties: Talking About Messaging
00:29:39 Importance Of Creative Ads And Effective Messaging
00:33:00 Understanding The Gap Between Perceived Value And Actual Customer Needs


Resources Mentioned:

Tyler Pigott: Website | LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


Ideas Worth Sharing:

Clear messaging is the key to effective marketing and successful ad campaigns. - Tyler Pigott Click To Tweet Nailing the message means creating a source of truth that guides your brand's communication. - Tyler Pigott Click To Tweet Your website messaging needs to convert, or else it's just wasted marketing spend. - Tyler Pigott Click To Tweet


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