Get ready to unlock the secrets to pricing and business growth in this episode of “Business Growth Architect Show” with host Beate Chelette and business advisor Carl Gould. We are discussing how to train yourself to see an abundance of opportunities for coaches and consultants that are right in front of you and the importance of seizing them quickly. Get insights into elevating your pricing structure with the power of premium and ultra-premium pricing. Throughout the episode, we emphasize the importance of positioning oneself in the market and charging you true worth.


But wait, there’s more! We also tackle partnerships and collaboration as well as the fear in the market and the influx of millions of new coaches and experts and what that means for you. So, if you’re ready to take a good look at your worth, value, pricing and the prosperity mindset, tune in to this episode and get ready to grow!


What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Understanding impostor syndrome and how to overcome limiting beliefs
  • Getting over your fear of selling and rejection and understand that your menu must have something for every appetite
  • The need to unlock the power of your voice to sound more interesting and captivate your audience.
  • The importance of providing a premium experience to high-paying customers.
  • Why taking advantage of opportunities and having the right pricing strategy and mindset are crucial for business growth and success.


Time Stamps:

00:05:38 From Working with Industry Titans to Empowering New Coaches: A Discussion on Pricing, Positioning, and Mindset
00:09:18 Why Waiting to Invest Could Be Costing You: The Benefits of Having a Market Forecaster and Business Advisor During Uncertain Tim
00:13:26 Are You a Timex or a Rolex? The Power of Pricing in Communicating Your Brand Identity
00:16:43 Why Oprah Winfrey’s Mentoring Program is Worth the Premium Price: Insights on the Value of Expertise in the Marketplace
00:20:59 The Dangers of Being in the Lead: How Success Can Lead to Self-Doubt and Uncertainty
00:23:52 Why Finding the Right College for Your Child is a Must: Lessons on Perceived Value from Warren Buffett
00:26:53 Why Every Business Should Learn from Restaurants: Creating a Menu That Appeals to Everyone
00:31:41 The Power of Bragging Rights: How High-Priced Purchases Add Value Beyond the Price Tag
00:34:42 Premium Experience: Why High-Paying Customers Deserve the Best
00:37:32 The Surprising Truth About Car Buyers: Why Safety Doesn’t Always Sell and How One Convertible Defied the Odds


Resources Mentioned:

Carl Gould: Instagram I Twitter I Facebook I LinkedIn I Website


Ideas Worth Sharing:

Premium pricing requires providing a premium experience. - @carlgould Click To Tweet Achieving success in business can sometimes trigger self-doubt and uncertainty, especially when it involves stepping outside of one's comfort zone and challenging their own identity and self-perception. - @carlgould Click To Tweet Pricing is the number one way that you communicate your value to your client. The moment you announce your pricing, you do two things. One is you tell the whole marketplace who you are and secondly what you are worth. - @carlgould Click To Tweet


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