In this episode of Business Growth Architect Show, Tommy Breedlove shares his personal story of almost losing everything at 36 years old due to poor decisions driven by the pursuit of money, status, and respect. He emphasizes the importance of self-discovery, self-celebration, and self-fulfillment over material possessions and the need to prioritize love and deep intimate connection in relationships.

Tommy also discusses the importance of attention to detail and no-nonsense coaching in achieving elite business success without compromising what matters. He encourages listeners to participate in their own rescue by rewriting their story and transforming their lives through small habits and new belief systems.

Overall, the episode highlights the power of action and self-awareness in personal and professional growth.


What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • People often fail to prioritize the main things in their lives, which leads to inefficiencies and compromises.
  • Tommy is passionate about helping high achievers achieve success in business, finance, and life without compromising what matters. He believes that it is possible to have it all without sacrificing relationships, family, time, and friends.
  • The importance of self-celebration and self-fulfillment for confidence, courage, and success.
  • The importance of recognizing and stopping patterns in relationships.
  • The power of action in relationships and life. Tommy believes that people need to go beyond just talking and prioritize love and forgiveness. He also stresses the need to hold oneself accountable for one’s actions and decisions.


Time Stamps:

00:09:20 Accelerating Success: A Candid Conversation with a No-Nonsense Coach
00:14:39 The Entrepreneurial Addiction: How Ambition Can Lead to Burnout and Unfulfillment
00:19:11 Unlocking Unconditional Self-Love: Simple Tactics for Busy People to Boost Confidence and Courage
00:21:09 Rewiring Your Heart and Mind: The Power of Gratitude and Self-Reflection
00:24:38 From Mastery to Leadership: Overcoming Negative Self-Talk and Building Elite Habits for Success
00:25:56 Transform Your Life with Self-Care: A Powerful Conversation with Tommy Breedlove
00:29:30 From the Brink of Losing Everything: A Story of Self-Discovery and Fulfillment
00:31:43 Prioritizing Yourself: The Selfless Key to Success and Fulfillment
00:35:55 The Sneaky Thoughts That Can Destroy Your Relationship: A Candid Conversation with Tommy Breedlove
00:41:01 The Power of Action in Relationships: Moving Beyond Just Talk and Prioritizing Love
00:43:09 Creating Intimacy: The Importance of Trust and Self-Care Rituals in Building Meaningful Relationships
00:45:55 Transforming Relationships: How Naming Your Insecurities Can Strengthen Your Connection
00:47:39 The Contest of Generosity: How Aligning Your Core Values Can Lead to the Best Relationship Ever
00:50:02 From Sabotage to Success: How Taking Personal Responsibility Led Me to the Top of the Financial World


Resources Mentioned:

Tommy Breadlove: Instagram I Facebook I LinkedIn I Website


Ideas Worth Sharing:

The goal is to get them into the Legendary movement and into the lifestyle prior to them torching their own, you know, that's the goal. - @Tommy Breadlove Click To Tweet It's eight steps forward, two back as opposed to six back, four forward. And you can rewire, you can create new habits, you can create new belief systems and anything that was told to you, you can rewrite the ending to your story. -… Click To Tweet Make the main thing the main thing and make it quality over quantity. Spend an hour a day, just full intimacy, full presence, full communication with your spouse, an hour a day with your kids, and 30 minutes a day in fun, just… Click To Tweet What we've got to do is reprogram our hearts and our minds and build new habits every single day to get stronger, get stronger in confidence, stronger in courage, stronger in self-love, stronger in self-respect and honesty, stronger… Click To Tweet


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