In the episode, Gary shares his insights on sales success, which are based on his years of experience as a serial entrepreneur. One of the key points he emphasizes is the importance of storytelling in sales. According to Gary, creating a better story that resonates with customers is more important than the product, competition, or market situation. He believes that leveraging the principles of persuasion and selling to the core of emotions can drive intentions and take actions from customers.

Another key idea discussed in the episode is the importance of using data in business messaging and sales. Gary suggests that businesses should let the numbers do the talking and use data to understand how their message is perceived by the target audience. He believes that messaging is not always black and white, but if businesses can understand the perceived value of their message, they can change it accordingly.

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The interview also highlights the need to understand and resonate with the target market to find more people like them. Gary suggests that businesses should put their ear on the ground floor and figure out what resonates with their customers, clients, and prospects. By doing so, they can find more people who are just like their existing customers and create a better sales process.


Overall, the episode emphasizes the importance of having a solid sales process and appreciating the opportunity to share insights. Gary’s insights on storytelling, data, and understanding the target market can help businesses improve their sales strategies and achieve success. To find out what Gary is up to please go here and check it out.


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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Emphasize Learning and Leveraging Others’ Strengths
  • How to Create Effective Messaging in Sales
  • The Steps to Understand and Prioritize Customer Needs
  • Building and Managing Successful Sales Teams
  • Unlocking Your Sales Success with “The Zero to 100 Million Sales Blueprint” Book
  • The Story Your Clients Need to Hear so That They Will Buy


Time Stamps:

00:10:39 Zero To 100 Million Sales Blueprint: A Guide To Building A System Intro
00:13:17 The Importance Of Timing And Persistence In Sales For Founders
00:15:26 Emphasizing The Importance Of Identifying Your Passion And Strengths As a Business Owner
00:19:00 The Importance Of Storytelling Compared To Product Strength And Competition.
00:22:09 Doubling Revenue Requires More Than One Solution
00:24:32 The Importance Of Using Data In Business Messaging And Sales
00:27:56 Messaging Mismatch: Moving Beyond Stereotypes And Silly Hooks
00:29:28 The Importance Of Aligning Sales And Marketing Departments To Understand Prospects And Clients Needs
00:32:14 Understanding What Resonates With Your Target Market
00:36:46 Strategies For Effective Upselling And Cross-Selling To Customers And When Do You Need a VP Of Sales?
00:41:41 The Importance Of Authority Over Vanity Metrics In Business
00:45:10 Exclusive Listener Promotion – Get Your Copy of Gary’s Book for FREE with Coupon Code ‘GrowthArchitect’


Resources Mentioned:

  • Gary Garth | Linkedin | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Website
  • Get your FREE ‘The Zero to 100 Million Sales Blueprint’ endorsed by:
    – Head of Channel Sales at Amazon
    – Director of Partner Program at Microsoft
    – Head of Global Sales Enablement at GoogleGo to
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