Having a website that effectively conveys your messaging and who you are as a company is crucial for any business. But where do you even begin with website creation? And is a website really beneficial if you have social media? Our guest, Lindy Nowak, founder of Up in a Day, shares her expertise on the importance of having a clear and concise message on your website in order to convert visitors into customers. She will also dive into the myth around timelines and teach you how to find the perfect web partner who won’t take advantage of you.

Listen in as we discuss the key elements of effective messaging, as well as how this can help visitors understand what your business offers, the benefits of your products or services, and what sets you apart from your competitors. You will learn why simplicity is usually best when it comes to copy for your website, the importance of updating your website frequently, and how to create the most successful website you can for your business.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • The right time to build a website.
  • How much money you should spend on your website.
  • The strategy behind building a website.
  • Why more is not better when it comes to websites.
  • The difference between how Lindy’s team builds websites versus funnel-hacking.
  • The importance of clear, concise messaging.
  • The benefit of constantly reviewing and updating your website.
  • How to find the right web partner for you.

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When it comes to building your website, it is all about getting it up and running as soon as possible. – Lindy Nowak Click To Tweet

When we add a bunch of text to our websites, the message gets lost. – Lindy Nowak Click To Tweet

It doesn’t have to be a $20,000 website to launch your business. – Lindy Nowak Click To Tweet

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