Building a strong business foundation is not just important—it can be the defining factor in the success of your business. When you build a strong foundation, you find clarity, create purpose, and (most importantly) establish goals. So, how do you build a strong foundation for your business? It all starts with your employees, and in this episode, Jason Skeesick, U.S. Army veteran, coach, and entrepreneurial evangelist, reveals how he identifies employees and manages them so that they never want to quit.

Listen in as Jason explains his top tips for entrepreneurs wanting to make a bigger impact on the world by building strong and efficient foundations for their businesses. You will learn the importance of knowing your core values, ensuring all of your employees are working together as a unit, and keeping your word as the boss.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How to keep employees motivated.
  • How to ensure your employees don’t want to quit.
  • The importance of knowing your core values.
  • The benefit of hiring employees that fit your culture.
  • Questions to ask people during the interview process.
  • How to set smart goals for your team.

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Ideas Worth Sharing:

Appreciate life as it happens, don’t just look forward to some distant point in the future. – Jason Skeesick Click To Tweet

Visionary entrepreneurs are people who see the world as it could be and can’t help but take action. – Jason Skeesick Click To Tweet

What you really need to do if you want to align your tribe is provide them with clarity on where you’re going on this ship. Allow them to have some say as to where the ship is going, as well. – Jason Skeesick Click To Tweet

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