If you don’t ever master the art of sales, it will be very hard to grow and scale. In other words, without revenue, you don’t have a business. Unfortunately, “sales” has become a negative word in the entrepreneurial industry and people often worry about being too pushy or “salesy.” So, how can we overcome this fear and learn how to generate consistent predictable sales? In this episode, Jim Padilla, Global Impact Strategist and CEO of Gain The Edge, will join the show to share the biggest secrets to being able to make sales in any environment.

Listen in as Jim explains the psychology behind sales and the importance of remaining authentic to who you are in your business and sales process. You will learn how to remove yourself from the sales process, why Jim doesn’t want to be known as the “sales expert,” and how to make the biggest impact you possibly can with your business.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How to stop fearing sales.
  • Why “scaling” and “sales” are such bad words in the entrepreneurial industry.
  • The importance of being who you are in your business.
  • The psychology behind sales.
  • The benefit of hosting a life event to connect with others in person.
  • What Jim believes is the best way to convert clients.
  • How to stop being the sole salesperson in your business.
  • How to remove yourself from the sales process.

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Ideas Worth Sharing:

You can’t win the game if you don’t know the game you’re playing. – Jim Padilla Click To Tweet

If you show up and be yourself… people will buy from you because they will resonate with you and who you are. – Jim Padilla Click To Tweet

I don’t know anything that converts better than a live event. – Jim Padilla Click To Tweet

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