Negotiation is an important life skill that is often overlooked. Good negotiation skills can help you to recognize and capitalize on opportunities, build better relationships, and contribute to long-term career success. So, how can you become a better negotiator in your life? Our guest today is the master of facing these often difficult conversations. Kwame Christian is a best-selling author, lawyer, professor, and the Founder and Managing Director of the American Negotiation Institute, and in this episode, he will be sharing how to create strategy and intentionality behind every conversation that you have.

Listen in as Kwame explains why people struggle so much with having hard conversations—including negotiating—and how to overcome the human programming we all experience to not speak our minds. You will learn the importance of having the right mindset, how to be more courageous in your conversations, and how to shift your fear of failure to a fear of regret.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How to have really difficult conversations.
  • What compassionate curiosity is.
  • How negotiation and strategy connect.
  • Why negotiation is such an important skill.
  • Why people are so afraid to try negotiation.
  • The importance of knowing who you really are.
  • How your mindset can impact everything.
  • Why you must be courageous in your conversations.

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Ideas Worth Sharing:

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