In this episode, you will hear about everything from money to making an impact and finding your purpose. Ken Coleman joins me to share from his experiences working with people to find their unique role at work. He also discusses how strategy and mindset are connected and an important part of finding success.

Listen in as Ken shares a glimpse into his processes and strategies when helping people find their place in the world of work. You’ll learn how he shares information and communicates effectively through syndicated radio shows, television interviews, YouTube, podcasts, books, assessments, and other kinds of resources. We also cover the value of impact and influence, as well as Ken’s thoughts on cracking the money code.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How strategy is connected to mindset.
  • What it means to burn the ships and go all-in.
  • Why your level of commitment makes a difference in your strategy.
  • The value of pulling back and questioning the clarity of your strategy.
  • Why influence and impact are so important.
  • The key to courage and confidence.

Resources Mentioned:

Ideas Worth Sharing:

I believe everybody was created to fill a unique role that is absolutely needed. It's really valuable. – @kencoleman Click To Tweet Instead of spending a bunch of money, I love testing things, trying things. – @kencoleman Click To Tweet I think that your strategy will dictate your mindset—or sometimes, your mindset will dictate your strategy. – @kencoleman Click To Tweet

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