Andy Isom joins me on the show today to share how he made the transition from typical internet language to digging deeper to see how he could truly provide value to people who wanted to build Amazon or Shopify businesses. You will hear about Andy’s journey to a personal brand, as well as the key life and business decisions that lead to him 20x-ing his growth.

Listen in as he touches on how he finally shed the habit of always worrying about what people think of him and shares insight that will challenge you to grow from the inside out. You’ll hear Andy’s best strategies for increasing eCommerce sales, increasing your audience online, and much more.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Who Andy is and his background in business and eCommerce.
  • The role of branding when it comes to business success.
  • The one strategy that is critical to success.
  • Why personal brand is so key—and the first step to establishing that.
  • How to break through the noise and establish trust.
  • How to pinpoint your own personal brand in a unique and authentic way.
  • Where your focus should be.
  • The key things that go into creating a personal brand.

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Ideas Worth Sharing:

What I’ve seen come to light in my own experience is how important it is to build your personal brand. – @andyisom100K Click To Tweet Everyone should be building their own personal brand—even if you don’t know what you’re going to sell yet. Your personal brand is almost like the new resume or cover letter. – @andyisom100K Click To Tweet You have to establish yourself as a brand because that’s what builds trust. It all comes down to trust. – @andyisom100K Click To Tweet

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