This episode of the Business Growth Architect Show is the first in a series of two. Our team is thrilled to showcase one of the best salesman and sales trainers we know  our our podcast, Matt Ryder, Founder of Sales Sniper and CEO of 7th Level. Matt demystifies and explains sales as a straightforward and pleasant conversation you have with people you care about. In episode one Matt unveils his professional journey from owning and running multiple gyms to becoming a sales training expert. He shares that sales did not come naturally to him but his journey to understanding and building processes around making sales.


Matt emphasizes the critical role of sales and marketing in business success, noting that a company can prosper even with a substandard product if the sales and marketing are strong. I bet you’ve seen plenty of that yourself. Now you know why.


Matt also confronts a common aversion to sales among business owners, stressing that sales skills are indispensable for entrepreneurs. He shares a candid moment about his personal transformation, acknowledging the emotional impact of his personal weight issues and how this led him to improve his sales abilities to create positive change in people’s lives.


He advocates for a mindset shift in sales, challenging the common notion that sales are bad and yucky, and instead suggests that sales should be about helping people make decisions that are in their best interest. To ensure that sales are conducted ethically and effectively, he recommends believing in the product being sold and continually gathering client feedback to guide business decisions.


Matt’s episode hammers down the number one issue in sales and that is connecting with people, addressing their needs, and driving growth, while also providing insights into how to approach sales with the right perspective and ethical considerations.





What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Matt emphasizes the importance of not taking rejection personally in sales, viewing it as a mere business decision by the prospect, not a personal affront.


  • Matt believes in the strength of not caring about the opinions of others, which he applies to how to handle sales so you can remain unaffected by rejection.


  • He discusses the significance of having a unique differentiation factor in the market to stand out from competitors.

  • He underscores the need for prioritizing the customer’s interests in sales, which leads to a more relaxed and conversational approach to selling.


  • Matt  suggests breaking down fears, including the fear of rejection, into manageable parts; this concept is illustrated through an anecdote of how he managed his daughter’s fear of an insect.


Time Stamps:

00:00: Introduction to Matt Ryder and dispelling sales myths.
02:06: Matt discusses his role at Sales Sniper and 7th Level.
03:16: Matt’s transition from gym owner to sales expert.
06:18: Importance of sales and marketing, regardless of product quality.
07:19: Sales as an essential skill for business owners.
10:51: Personal transformation influencing sales perspective.
15:04: Believing in your product and understanding client feedback.


Resources Mentioned:

Matt Ryder: Website | Website | LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook


Ideas Worth Sharing:

Sales doesn’t have to be this crazy difficult thing that you have to do. There is a method and a process that can make that really, really simple and easy and just a pleasant conversation that you can have with a sales outcome. -… Click To Tweet Believe in your product. We've done the data at 7th Level. I think surveying clients is an important part of a business. - Matt Ryder Click To Tweet A sales Rep is way better than a business owner in a lot of respects. if they're good, right, they'll make more than the owner, right? Because let's just say if you're taking ten percent of the top line right, then you're taking… Click To Tweet



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