Taking a one-on-one style of working and scaling it to something larger that is able to help hundreds (or even thousands) may seem like just a dream, but my guest today proves that isn’t the case. For this episode, I’m joined by the awesome Kim Walsh Phillips, founder of Powerful Professionals and someone who is passionate about helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses. Also a multi-seven-figure business entrepreneur with no business degree, Kim is THE guru when it comes to social media and direct response marketing.

Listen in as she discusses the importance of prioritizing impact and shares insight into how she has been able to grow her business while helping others do the same. You will learn how she went from 32 clients to 11,000 clients, why she is able to deliver even more value while still having time for herself and her family, and her tips for redirecting your focus in a way that allows for greater impact and success.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How strategy and purpose align.
  • Kim’s favorite business strategy.
  • How to discover key things about the people that come to you for help.
  • Where your focus should lie when you’re looking to make a bigger impact.
  • A valuable example of how to get inside your clients’ heads and connect with their needs.
  • What drives Kim and the importance of impact.
  • The role of faith and how she views prosperity.

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Ideas Worth Sharing:

Our focus shouldn’t be on what we do, but what we do FOR THEM. – Kim Walsh Phillips Click To Tweet There is nothing like it when you go after impact. Because you're really saying 'I'm going to take the gifts that had been given to me to bless those that I'm supposed to be blessing.' – Kim Walsh Phillips Click To Tweet I went from 32 clients to 11,000 clients in a year. And the impact is amazing, the money is easier, because I'm not having to chase after anyone. – Kim Walsh Phillips Click To Tweet

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