Getting things checked off our list and accomplishing goals feels great, but we all know the frustration of feeling stuck or held back by our own minds and motivation. Erik Fisher is the host of the Beyond the To-Do List podcast and an incredible mind to pick when it comes to all things productivity. In this episode, he dives into the world of ADHD and how our minds work when it comes to getting things done.

Listen in to hear how Erik started out in social media management, as well as how he got into podcasting and the productivity space. You’ll get great insight into how he specifically tackled his own ADHD, finding out how his brain worked best and aligning his tasks with that. If you are tired and overwhelmed with your to-do list or lack of focus, don’t miss hearing how to manage your brain and make things more doable!

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Why Erik initially got into the productivity space.
  • The clash between ADHD and true productivity.
  • Why everyone needs to be able to deal with distraction.
  • An important way to acknowledge distractions that pop up.
  • How long Erik tends to focus.
  • How to prep your brain for focus time.
  • The importance of setting boundaries for your brain.
  • How to prevent the never-ending to-do list.
  • How to plan for complex tasks in a much more actionable way.

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Ideas Worth Sharing:

One of the things I have found to be most helpful is to have a non-digital notepad and pen on hand at all times. If I’m in a focus mode and something keeps coming up in my head, I can write it down. – Erik Fisher Click To Tweet You can go into Google Calendar and select the tab that says 'Focus Time,' and people will know that you’re busy. – Erik Fisher Click To Tweet It is proven that you retain more if you are reading something physical vs. something digital. – Erik Fisher Click To Tweet

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