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Author: Kelli Cooper

Are you confused on where to look to grow your business? You are likely hit with a barrage of advice. Work hard. Work long. Ask people for business. Most of these tips are poor advice for an aspiring entrepreneur. You need not work too hard or too long if you start a business the right way.

Unfortunately, most people ignore good advice, being content to push their products and services down anybody’s throat. Or the newbie entrepreneur fails to take action on successful advice, ignoring the fact that they should build relationships, or start a blog, or run social network sites.

If you want to grow your new business quickly you must act on good advice quickly. You must put proven tips to the test today, working intelligently and persistently to grow your entrepreneurial venture.

Taking these steps might be uncomfortable because you are leaving your comfort zone, but they do become easier with practice. You might be terrified to write a blog post, or call a respected entrepreneur from your niche, asking for advice, but it’s these types of actions which help you accelerate your business growth with amazing speed.

Build Strong Connections

Most failures make the terrible mistake by trying to do it all on their own, business wise. This is an impossibility, since you will eventually run out of time, spending months or years looking for a proven system, making beginner’s errors, searching for good advice.

Forget trying to do things on your own. Build strong business relationships. Seek out a mentor. By connecting with a business mentor from your niche, you can cut down your learning curve by years. These folks made many, many mistakes, all of which you can avoid by seeking their counsel and heeding their advice.

Get on the phone. Call experienced entrepreneur from your niche. Or connect with them online, through their email address, or Facebook account, or twitter account. The medium matters not but making the connection means everything to you as a budding entrepreneur.

Also, don’t forget to connect with other new or less experienced entrepreneurs in your niche. Promote each other, build your networks and gain the trust of your target market.

Create Consistent Value

You buy from whomever you trust. By running a helpful blog or shooting instructional videos on a persistent basis you can gain the trust of your target market. Create good things for people to catch their attention.

You grow your business quickly by becoming an expert in your niche, knowing the ins and outs of your product or service. You can position yourself by simply solving people’s problems. The idea is simple: you create content that helps people with their problems, issues your potential customers might face, and you attract these customers with your know how.

Look at any established entrepreneur. They solved problems from the get go, running a blog, or running social networking sites. Or maybe they held offline meetings, presentations where they shared their insights, for free, to gain a rep. In either case, they provided consistent value to eventually receive consistent value in the form of money.

Follow these tips to grow your new business quickly today.

Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who covers all topics business; she especially enjoys sharing tips for getting started; if you in the process of starting a new business, learn more about how to incorporate online.

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