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What’s The ONE Thing You Need to Change?

What’s The ONE Thing You Need to Change?

A classic morning: It’s cold and dark outside. The first thing we do after opening our eyes is grab our phones for a quick glance at the emails and texts that arrived overnight. Then our bodies beg us for coffee, pronto. One button and presto! Coffee is ready. Who has...
The Art of Letting Go

The Art of Letting Go

You’ve heard it before and likely experienced it yourself: the same actions beget the same results. Unless you change at least one thing in your routine, you can’t expect anything other than the same old same old. I’ve written about this many times. We...

The New Alpha Female

Her true power comes from unexpected places. By Beate Chelette What would you guess women said they wanted most in 2013? A recent survey suggests we’re seeing the rise of the alpha woman who chooses to be independent and aggressive when it comes to seeking out and...

How To Disconnect From Negativity

Set a time limit for when you will put a stop to negative thoughts and allow yourself to flourish again. By Beate Chelette You will find that I like acronyms and tools. It’s easier to remember something if we can build a bridge in our minds. We are talking about...

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