Shelve any ideas of being wonder woman this weekend. Oh, sure, you could push yourself into absolute exhaustion, but why? Especially when you would just be swimming against the tide? Now that the Sun has taken the deep dive into the magical, mystical seas of Pisces, you really do need to pay attention to which way the current is flowing.

Friday will find you feeling downright waterlogged as the Moon finishes its underwater probe of Scorpio. The problem is that you’ve got plenty of ambition and Scorpio is in no mood to make things happen. While you could get all grumpy, crabby, cranky, and grouchy by the time the weekend officially starts on Friday afternoon, you’ll only end up regretting it… especially if your ill-tempered ways have drawn blood. And you don’t need an astrologer to tell you that feeling regretful is a lousy way to start the weekend.

The really good news is that there is a light at the end of this tunnel: In the wee, small hours of Saturday morning, the Moon takes it upon itself to push past any misgivings and right into the most excellent sign of Sagittarius. Combining the romantic Pisces Sun where all things are possible with the eager enthusiasm of the Sagittarius Moon makes for a super high-definition, awesomely optimistic view of the future.

Bigger, better, faster stronger… no matter what you want, the Sagittarius/Pisces love match will set your mind spinning with grand visions of making your greatest dreams come true. The downside of this planetary pressure cooker is that your visions are bigger than your actual abilities. By the time the Sun sets on Sunday night, you’ll be drowning in your own little dish of disappointment.

As with any twisted Pisces pathway, you can navigate through this weekend without becoming disenchanted. The key is to recognize that this particular Pisces/Sagittarius combination is more about dreaming than actually doing. It is a call to rise above your work-a-day world and enlarge upon the endless stream of visions that Pisces provides. Accept this weekend for what it is; a celestial summons to relax and daydream. Use it as a fresh start to envision and outline your hopes, your wishes, and your future.

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