Women’s intuition is a source of great power. The magic comes when we awaken it and trust its guidance in our lives. By why do we call it women’s intuition? Do women naturally have more intuition than men? Or is our culture just more supportive of women developing their intuition than of men?

Lately my mind has been focused on business. Between coaching sessions, termite tenting, teaching a three-day live course about authority platform building, and a power outage three hours before the deadline for my presentation slides— frankly, I feel I’ve been all over the place. After all was said, fixed, and done I found myself at a bachelorette party soaking in a hot tub with eight other women sharing what we now fondly call our hot tub confessions.

Not to worry, I won’t spill those beans. The Women’s Code is very clear on keeping secrets. What I did notice is that even though there were so many of us who all have full lives, agendas, and personalities, somehow it all worked out perfectly. Here’s one example: We stayed the night in a beach house on the Oregon Coast and were supposed to leave early in the morning to go to Portland to meet one more member of the party.

But the hot tub confessions kept us up late so we didn’t leave as early as planned. When we finally made it to Portland, we discovered the 9th bridesmaid, the mom of a busy three-year-old, was more than happy to take advantage of our tardiness and enjoy a lazy morning in bed. It worked out well for her that we didn’t arrive until noon.

Women’s intuition—somehow it always works. That got me thinking of how we can better utilize the power of intuition, and these are the kinds of secrets I’m allowed to share.

  1. Most importantly is a firm belief that it will always work out exactly the way it must. The more you trust this, the more it will become a reality.
  2. People come into your life for a reason. Nobody is here by accident. Instead of haggling the notion of why you have to deal with the difficult people in your life, figure out the lesson they are here to teach you. The sooner you do, the faster you can resolve and move through it.
  3. Set intentions and objectives. During the bachelorette party, I asked the bride-to-be, “What would have to happen for you to truly enjoy your wedding day?” After an emotional moment that put a few of us in tears and we, the bridesmaids, set an intention to create the environment our bride needs so she can truly enjoy her day.
  4. Make a point to connect with the other person. Stop yourself, look up from your phone or computer, make eye-contact, tune into whomever you are talking to.
  5. Shift from thinking to feeling. If the issue only needed acknowledgment and not fixing, what would that feel like? How can your own feelings support the feelings of the other person without trying to resolve the issue? This can often be a daunting exercise, especially for men who love to fix stuff.
  6. Increase your awareness. When rushing from morning to night, it is easy to miss the little things that make life so pleasant. Notice the warm hello from the doorman, the sweet smile from the bank teller, the postal worker whistling as she walks from door to door.
  7. Find quiet time. Finally, we want to find time to quiet down. If you can meditate—great. But you can also start with simple things. Stop ordering your coffee “to go” and instead sit down for a few minutes to enjoy where you are. Be more mindful about what you do.

These steps will help you to slow down your busyness and allow the power of intuition to play a bigger part in your life. As you trust your intuition more, it will only grow stronger. The result? You meet exactly the people you need to meet and opportunities will arise that you could not have imagined. Oh, and did I mention it really helps with finding a parking spot on a busy street?

How are you using the power of your intuition? Do you think intuition can improve with training? I am interested in your thoughts on this soft topic.

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