If you are like most people you set goals for this coming year. Your goals could be personal like losing 10 pounds, working out more regularly, or business related like creating a business plan, or promoting your work more regularly – or a combination of both.

New Years Resolutions – no matter how much we intend to stick to them they are often quickly forgotten. Only 8% of Americans following through with their resolutions and the whopping 92% give up or don’t ever even get started. What can we do to increase our staying power and the success rate of what we want to achieve for 2014?

Here are three quick ideas that you might find helpful.

1.) Set realistic goals. When writing a business plan – focus on writing a 5 page plan instead of a full fledged 100 pager. It’s better to be conservative with your goal setting and to exceed your expectations than the other way around.

2.) Focus on only a few key goals. Pick three to five things that really matter. Please don’t write a shopping list with 50 items because nothing is more discouraging than looking at a long list that screams ‘work.’ Rather, keep it short and clear.

3.) Be very specific with your goals. There is a difference between ‘making my business successful’ and ‘ improving my career’ versus ‘increase my revenue from $250,000 to $450,000’ and ‘get a promotion and become Director.’

Just as I am focusing on sharing only the three most important tips, I want you to do the same now. What are your three most important goals? Please write them down immediately.

Here is an additional tip: Please remember that in The Women’s Code we learn how to find out what our current most dominant ego-RHYTHM is and we align our Main Focus with that rhythm. Our goals should be congruent with our Main Focus as well.

Left to say is please invest a little bit time to create your list now, even if you aren’t normally a person who does resolutions.

Happy New Year, and let’s make this one count.

Your Coach


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