How can you get busy for fall and make the last quarter of this year your most profitable one in your photography business?

It’s been something I have been working on for quite sometime. As much as I love working with my private coaching clients I find that for 85% of them there’s always one issue. You don’t know what to ask, and what you should do first. It’s been making me very uncomfortable because I believe in giving my clients maximum value. But, the longer I have been doing it, the more I realized that what you really want are done-for-you programs, and a personal intense experience with me. That’s why I went back to the drawing table and designed three VIP days that are just that, done-for-you programs where at the end of each VIP day you walk out with a strategy ready for implementation. You can read about them below. If you are in business, are just getting started, or want to take your business to the next level, take a look at what might be right for you.

And because you have been a loyal follower and I want to celebrate my new programs with you, I am giving away 10 free 30-minute strategy sessions. All you have to do is fill out the application and submit it IMMEDIATELY to see if you qualify for a free strategy session for your photography business. Again, there are only 10 spots. There are no strings attached, I don’t need a credit card, it’s definitely free.



VIP Day Option 1: The 5 Concrete Steps You Need To Turn Your Talent Into a Business. From zero to your first booking in just one day! (If you are already in business – we will identify which portion of your business and message is not working and fix it, so you can book more clients.)

Overview: During your VIP day, we’ll review your business plan and fine tune your USP (unique selling proposition.) You’ll be building a step-by-step strategy toward a solid business foundation based on your talent. The goal is to ensure you are clear of what your business model is, and to get you ready for your first booking. You’ll flush out which portions of your story still need to be told so you are believable and authentic. You will focus on identifying the different moneymaking opportunities of your business, which will help define three products or services that you can offer right away. If you have attended my CreativeLive workshop this is the ideal continuation program for you.

VIP Day Option 2: The WHY of Social Networking  Secrets Revealed: In Only One Hour a Day Learn How To Attract More Clients by Using Social Networking

Overview: During this VIP day, you will focus the type of content you should be creating and distributing to attract clients and enhance your personal brand. I will share with you my secret template for content amplification. You will get my blogging blueprint that includes link-building strategies for better SEO results. You will learn my formula for creating videos, as well as my LinkedIn Strategy that helped me to build a following of over 40,000 across all social media platforms. You’ll identify which social networks will work for you and we will identify the keywords together that are relevant to attract the right kind of buyer.

By the end of the day, you will have a step-by-step social networking strategy that will demonstrate you are the expert in your field and will get you the attention of a new range of clients. You’ll receive a workbook with checklists, secret formulas, bonus tips, a goal setting tool, a social media calendar, and all kinds of German-engineered tools. Plus a surprise goody bag!

VIP Day Option 3: Fix Your Life – Save Your Sanity   Cut through the confusion, define want you want, GO GET IT!

Overview: During this VIP Day, we focus on your talents instead of your business. This session is for women (and men) who are dealing with adversity and for those who feel that things are not falling into place as easily and as quickly as they should.  Is it difficult for you to articulate what you want? You have so many talents but you can’t pinpoint which direction to go into. As a result you don’ know which decisions you should make first, and you feel stuck and not living up to your full potential. Does your self-esteem need a boost? If so, this is exactly what you need.

Deep down you know you have it in you to create your success, but you are overwhelmed, have lost your confidence, and are trying to get back to who you once were—but you can’t seem to reconnect with that essence. You need a big kick of confidence and someone to believe in you without the fuzz or psychotherapy. This VIP DAY follows a transformational process and peels away layers of insecurity so the new and stronger YOU can emerge.

Tough circumstances can make even the most determined person lose faith in your abilities and cause you to second-guess your decisions. During the uncovery process, we’ll use an in-depth Myers Briggs assessment to learn about your innate strengths. We’ll examine your situational insecurities, create work-arounds for them, and get you back on track with clear goals and a structured action plan on how to reach them. By the end of the VIP Day, you will have a physical blueprint outlining in your own words how to get from where you are to where you want to be.


Our day together will provide you with no-nonsense, one-on-one mentorship and support that will help you to identify what you want, and what your business needs. My VIP days are done-for-you programs. Each program comes with extensive session materials, extra bonuses, and tools for you to, ready to implement by the end of the day.

To apply for a free 30 minute strategy session please apply here. Remember I am only gifting 10 strategy sessions, please do not wait,  do it now:  Strategy Session Application

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