The latest episode of the “Business Growth Architect Show” features Staсi Gray, from Organized to Scale. We connected over the trials and tribulations of the entrepreneurial journey, ensuring that you as the owner are not just relentlessly pursuing your goals but also pay attention to the creation of internal and external freedom.


Staci shared her ‘architect, build, operate’ model used to structure organizations, with the first stage being particularly crucial in establishing processes, workflows, tools, and technology. Needless to say we became BFF’s when she uttered the word “architect!” 


Get deep insights into the psychological complexities that entrepreneurs face, including recognizing the warning signs and the potential for becoming a “business narcissist,” which translates to a need for constant attention and recognition.


Staсi highlighted the importance of generating the freedom that entrepreneurs seek, which often gets overshadowed by the relentless push for growth. She advocated for creating an enjoyable process and building a team that shares in the excitement and fulfillment of the journey.


Once a client told me that I had a ‘stern mom face’ and we are doing this a few times in this show emphasizing the necessity of maintaining consistency and not changing the rules whimsically—underscoring the need for discipline in your entrepreneurial journey. 


Staci also has a clear message and that is how to say no to “shiny pennies”—the myriad of distractions that can lead you off course. Staсi proposed the practice of journaling your ideas without necessarily sharing or monetizing each one, reflecting on the concept that you don’t need to execute every idea but might sometimes be designated to pass those ideas on to others more suited to bringing them to fruition.





What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Staci advises entrepreneurs to maintain focus on their primary objectives and to avoid distractions, she calls “shiny pennies,” that can derail you from their goals.
  • Gray emphasizes the necessity of an entrepreneur to journal their ideas and accept that not every idea needs to be shared or pursued for monetary gain.
  • She points out the importance of building an infrastructure on multiple levels to support growth without compromising the business’s foundation.
  • Gray’s approach to business growth involves scaling with balance and fulfillment, highlighting the need for creating an enjoyable journey rather than just focusing on the destination.
  • Gray lends insight into the need for discipline and consistency in the entrepreneurial lifestyle, much like the “stern mom face” conversations you used to have with your mother, so that you will remember to uphold structure in business and personal life.


Time Stamps:

[09:51] Assessing Personal Role in Business Issues
[10:17] Recognizing the Limit of Doing Too Much and Burnout Risk
[10:45] The Importance of Scaling and Knowing When to Grow
[11:04] Deciding the Future of Your Business and Scaling It
[11:25] Necessity of Relinquishing Control Over Everything and Hiring Competently
[12:00] Business Organization Strategy: Architect, Build, Operate
[12:28] Incorporating Psychological and Social Systems into Business
[12:49] Developing Your Own Psychological System
[13:07] Importance of Physical and Emotional Wellbeing in Business
[13:46] Social Dynamics and Personal Discipline for Entrepreneurs
[14:12] Changing Personal Environment to Influence Improvement
[14:52] Building Supportive Networks and Scaling Sustainably
[15:26] Infrastructure Creation on Multiple Levels for Entrepreneurs
[16:01] Identifying Unique Differentiation Factors in Business
[16:28] Maintaining Consistency and Structure in Entrepreneurship
[17:03] Case Scenario: Influence of Social Circles on Entrepreneurs
[17:37] Hiring Practices and Team Dynamics
[18:05] Aligning Team Infrastructure with Entrepreneurial Energy


Resources Mentioned:

Staсi Gray:  Website | LinkedIn | Instagram


Ideas Worth Sharing:

You have to keep your main thing, the main thing and say no to the noise. That's not your main thing. - Staci Gray Click To Tweet Have an idea book, journal your ideas, but don't share every idea with everybody and don't try to monetize every idea. - Staci Gray Click To Tweet



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