Today on the “Business Growth Architect Show” with Martin Perdomo, the Elite Strategist, we talked about his journey to financial freedom through real estate, an industry he chose because more millionaires are made in real estate than any other industry.


Martin shares candidly how he overcame poverty and the stigma that is attached to it. He highlights how he realized that financial struggles are not a permanent state and emphasizes how to change your mindset toward wealth and personal capabilities.


Reflecting on his beginnings in real estate prior to the 2007 financial crisis, Perdomo reveals his successful run as a mortgage broker during a time when the industry was basically giving away loans with no checks and balances that were followed by the inevitable crash of the housing market. Martin talks candidly about the fears and realities of taking risks in real estate, the emotional journey of making his first property investment, and the psychological aspects of jumping into entrepreneurship.


Perdomo espouses a strong belief in one’s potential for wealth, irrespective of knowing the exact path, and accentuates the power of conviction and personal mantras for cultivating a mindset geared towards success. This is what lead him to his biggest financial risk, securing a 160-unit apartment building are shared, illustrating that significant achievements are often coupled with the need to confront and manage your fear. 


The takeaways of this episode touch on the pivotal nature of decisive action over mere wishful thinking. Lastly, Martin underscores the importance of self-integrity and reliability, warning that failing to follow through on commitments can erode self-trust and personal integrity.





What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Martin overcame the poverty mindset, and now invests in multi-million dollar community developments.
  • He teaches wealth creation strategies, underscores financial literacy.
  • Martin believes everyone is born to achieve wealth, not poverty.
  • Martin emphasizes the power of a positive and abundant mindset.
  • He highlights the importance of making a firm decision to succeed and then taking decisive actions.


Time Stamps:

11:06: Reject negative narratives and stigmas about growing up in poverty
12:10: Prioritize financial education and management
13:50: Learn from mistakes to advance in your field
15:25: Embrace the reality of risks and fears in real estate
16:40: Real estate as a path to self-made wealth
17:30: Recognize the psychological impact of entrepreneurial leaps
18:00: Maintaining self-integrity and trust is crucial
19:30: Conviction and belief in the potential for wealth
20:15: Decisive action is key, not just wishful thinking


Resources Mentioned:

Martin Perdomo: Website | Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram


Ideas Worth Sharing:

My purpose is to empower others to be the best version of themselves. - Martin Perdomo Click To Tweet There's a difference between the decision and the wish. When you make the decision, you determine the outcome. - Martin Perdomo Click To Tweet Decide, commit, take action and you'll see the results. - Martin Perdomo Click To Tweet



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