Warning: This episode contains triggers around self-harm, substance abuse and suicide throughout the episode. There is explicit language used and the content is not suitable for children.


In the episode “Business Growth Architect Show” of the podcast “Surviving the Darkest Times: A Journey of Purpose and Hope”  Joe Cury shares his challenging journey to personal growth and transformation from the edge of despair. Joe, the CEO of Influencer University and founder of the “I Am Blessed AF” clothing brand, discusses his experience with going from depression to survival, and how learning gratitude saved his life.


He opens up about his intense struggle with suicide and how he turned his darkest moment and inflection point into a life-changing breakthrough. Today Joe shares his story openly so it can serve as a powerful reminder of what matters most. In his words it is the vibration that gratitude brings to your life and serving others that has made him create his message and clothing brand “I am Blessed AF”. 


Throughout this no-taboo episode, Joe’s explicit and bold approach adds a unique flavor to the conversation, making it an unforgettable and impactful discussion. 


You are encouraged to explore Joe’s work with suicide prevention and find out how to support his mission of spreading gratitude to more people to have them resonate at a higher positive vibration. 


A truly powerful and at times uncomfortable interview that will give you awareness around trigger topics most people don’t want to talk about. 


We love Joe Cury and applaud him for being so brave and open.





What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Joe shares his personal journey through despair and survival, highlighting the challenges he faced and how he overcame them.
  • He explains the power of gratitude as a high vibrational emotion to encourage listeners to express gratitude in their daily lives.
  • Joe discusses the importance of recognizing hidden opportunities, even in the darkest moments, and shares how he turned his own darkest moment into a life-changing breakthrough.
  • He talks about the role of explicitness in his work and how it is by design to add a bold flavor to what he does, making it more impactful and authentic.
  • Joe addresses the issue of suicide prevention and the importance of raising awareness and providing support to those in need.


Time Stamps:

00:05:03 Surviving the Darkest Abyss: One Man’s Journey to Overcoming Despair and Finding Purpose
00:06:24 From Rock Bottom to a Hidden Opportunity: How Joe Cury Turned his Darkest Moment into a Life-Changing Breakthrough
00:08:54 From Salesman to Super Manager: Solving Problems and Bringing in the Masses
00:13:01 From Influencer Marketing to Seeking the Next Big Thing: A Journey of Success, Purpose and Self-Discovery
00:17:03 Unlocking Blessings: How to Use Brand as a Guide to Elevating Your Vibration and Embracing Gratitude
00:21:06 Taking Depression to Insanity: The Ordeal of Mental Health in America
00:25:39 Unexpected Love and Gratitude: How Small Acts Make a Big Impact
00:28:50 Spreading Gratitude: A Conversation with Joe Cury on Suicide Prevention


Resources Mentioned:

Joe Cury:  Website | Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn


Ideas Worth Sharing:

Small acts of love and gratitude can make a big impact in someone's life. It's about paying it forward and making a difference. Click To Tweet Gratitude is a powerful tool that brings us to the present moment and allows us to appreciate the specific details of our achievements and experiences. - Joe Cury Click To Tweet Being a successful influencer marketer means always looking for the next big thing. It's about staying ahead of the curve and constantly evolving. - Joe Cury Click To Tweet


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